Resources for our Students

The Eckerd College Mathematics Department is an institutional member of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) and the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR).  These affiliations, together with other sources, allow us to provide the following resources for our students.

Each year, we award all of our mathematics majors and minors a complimentary membership in the MAA.  This membership includes a year-long electronic subscription to all of the MAA journals:  The American Mathematical Monthly (10 issues), The College Mathematics Journal (5 issues), Mathematics Magazine (5 issues), and Math Horizons (4 issues).  Students also recieve a hard copy of the MAA newsletter MAA Focus (6 issues).

Each month, we send a copy of the American Mathematical Society's electronic newsletter, AMS for Students, to all students enrolled in our upper-division math courses.  This newsletter provides a wealth of information to our students on mathematics and on mathematical opportunities available nationwide.

Each month, we send a copy of the electronic newsletter, Career Cornerstone News, to all students enrolled in our upper-division math courses.  This newsletter is published by the Sloan Career Cornerstone Center and provides career information and opportunities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Each month, we post announcements on our discipline Facebook pages concerning upcoming courses, textbooks, internships, and summer research opportunities.

On a regular basis, we send e-mail announcements to all our students on summer research opportunities, scholarships and internships. 

Eckerd College is the Florida Gamma Chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon – the national mathematics honor society.  Selection into Pi Mu Epsilon is by invitation only and is based on outstanding performance and achievement in mathematics.  Each Spring Semester, the math faculty induct a few select students into this honor society.

Computer Resources

The Mathematics Department has an institutional site license for the software program 'Mathematica' which is used extensively in our courses.  We have a site license for MiniTab which is used in our elementary and advanced statistics classes.

Our Graduates

Many of our graduates go on to graduate school at such institutions as MIT, Stanford, Dartmouth, Brown, Duke, UCLA, Vanderbilt and more. Click here for a list of just a few of these institutions.

Mathematical Association of America

Mathematical Association of America Logo

The department maintains an active student chapter of the Mathematical Association of America. This affiliation allows us to provide our majors and minors with a complimentary membership in the MAA and free electronic copies of all MAA journals. See Resources for our Students for more information.