2006 Visiting Scholar

Dr. Judith Reppy of Cornell University was a visiting Phi Beta Kappa Scholar at Eckerd College on April 6, 2006, lecturing on Bioterrorism in a Historical Perspective.

Judith Reppy is a professor in the department of science and technology studies and associate director of the Peace Studies Program at Cornell. She has been a visiting fellow at Science & Technology Studies (Manchester University), the Science Policy Research Unit (Sussex University), and the Center for International Studies (MIT). She is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the board of directors of the Federation of American Scientists, and the advisory board of Women in International Security (WIIS). From 1995 to 2000, she was co-chair of the U.S. Pugwash Conferences. In 2002-03 she served on the National Academy of Sciences's committee on research standards and practices to prevent the destructive application of biotechnology.

Professor Reppy is the co-editor and contributing author of The Genesis of New Weapons: Decision Making for Military R&D, The Relations Between Defence and Civil Technologies, Beyond Zero Tolerance: Discrimination in Military Culture, and Secrecy and Knowledge Production. Her current research interests include responses to the risk of bioterrorism and issues surrounding the public understanding of science.

Judith Reppy

Chapter members with Dr. Reppy on the occasion of a dinner in her honor.

Judith Reppy

Dr. Reppy delivers her lecture on "Bioterrorism in a Historical Perspective."

Judith Reppy

Dr. Reppy chats with three Phi Beta Kappa members-elect. Left to right: Joe Haley, Margaret Brown, Dr. Judith Reppy, Dominique Lazarre.