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Inhabiting the Earth: Heidegger, Environmental Ethics, and The

Bruce V. Foltz

Humanities Press

There is a growing urgency in the worldwide environmental crisis. In Inhabiting the Earth, Bruce Foltz, philosopher and environmental spokesperson, undertakes the first sustained analyis of how Heidegger's thought can contribute to environmental
ethics and to the more broadly conceived field of environmental philosophy. Through a comprehensive study of the status of "nature" and related concepts such as "earth" in the thought of Martin Heidgger, Foltz attempts to show how Heidegger's
understanding of the natural environment and our relation to it offers a more promising basis for environmental philosophy than others that have so far been put forward.


  1. Earth, Nature, and Environment: An Introduction to the Problem and a Summary of the Argument
  2. The Critique of the Traditional Methaphysics of Nature in Heidegger's Early Writings
  3. The "Primordial Sense" of Nature in the Early Writings
  4. The History of Being
  5. Science and Metaphysics: Nature as Object
  6. The Technological Domination of Nature: Nature as Inventory
  7. Heidgegger's Deconstruction of the Metaphysics of Nature: Toward a New Topology
  8. Dwelling Poetically Upon the Earth: Toward a New Environmental Ethic

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