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Nathan Andersen
Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Eckerd College
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Students majoring in philosophy develop with their Mentor a program of study including a minimum of ten courses, including Philosophical Logic, Philosophical Writing and the History of Philosophy senior seminar; one ethics course; at least three courses from the History of Philosophy series (Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance, 17th and 18th Century, 19th Century, 20th Century); and other upper level courses focused on the student's particular philosophical interests. In addition, philosophy majors are expected to take complementary courses in other disciplines that provide background and breadth in their program of study.

Philosophy majors are to have a working knowledge of the issues and methods covered in their required courses in logic, ethics and the history of philosophy sequence, in addition to those in their chosen upper-level area of focus. This competence and the ability to communicate it in speaking and writing is demonstrated by satisfactory completion of the courses in the philosophy major and of a Senior thesis or comprehensive examination in philosophy.

A minor in philosophy consists of five philosophy courses, including a logic course and at least one course from the history of philosophy sequence. An approved course must be developed in consultation with the philosophy discipline coordinator, and will usually include at least three upper-division courses (which may include the upper-division logic course and/or the history of philosophy course.

Philosophy at Eckerd

Students of philosophy at Eckerd have extensive opportunities to encounter the wealth of the great ages of philosophy, as well as to gain a working knowledge of the most recent philosophical approaches.