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Political Science

Political Science

The Law & Justice Minor


The minor in Law & Justice is designed explicitly for students who are planning to attend law school. Students completing the minor will gain important legal knowledge and skills that should serve them well in law school and later in law-related careers. The minor requires the successful completion of two foundational courses: one course in Constitutional Law (either PO 301S Constitution and Government Power or PO 302S Constitution & Individual Rights) and one course from among the following: SO 324 Introduction to Criminal Justice, SO 224S Criminology, or SO 221 Juvenile Delinquency. Thereafter, students are free to choose four additional courses from a list of law-related courses offered across the College's curriculum. Students may substitute additional courses as electives with pre-approval of the minor's coordinator.

Completion of this minor exposes students to the major principles underlying American law, the case method of legal study, and the role of law in American society. The College's Pre-Law Advisor oversees the minor in Law & Justice and assists students in the program, providing them with career advice and assistance with the law school admission process.

Students choosing a minor in Law & Justice are strongly encouraged to select a complementary major in consultation with the College's Pre-law Advisor. The Law & Justice minor is ideal for students majoring in several other programs offered at the College. Students interested in eventually pursuing a career in environmental law can pair the minor with a major in Environmental Studies. Those interested in a career in corporate law can combine a Law & Justice minor with a major in Business Administration or Management. A minor in Law & Justice could complement a major in International Relations & Global Affairs for those interested in going into the field of International Law.

Electives for the minor include the following courses:

    AN 248S Forensic Anthropology
    CM 121 Fundamentals of Oral Communication
    CO 122 Analytic & Persuasive Writing
    HI 336H Civil Rights Movement: 1945-75
    HD 387 Forensics and Human Behavior
    LI 216H Literature, Justice, and Law
    MN 278S Business Law
    PL 102M Introduction to Logic
    PO 243S Human Rights & International Law
    PO 301S Constitution & Government Power
    PO 302S Constitution & Individual Rights
    PO 304S U.S. Congress
    PO 343S International Environmental Law
    PO 421S Comparative Judicial Politics
    SO 221 Juvenile Delinquency
    SO 224S Criminology
    SO 324S Introduction to Criminal Justice
    Literature and Law (Winter Term)
    Inquality and Social Justice (Winter Term)
    Independent Studies (as approved)

Political Science Majors

Majoring in political science helps prepare students for careers such as law, teaching, government and non-governmental organizations, international organizations, think-tanks, journalism, business and further work in graduate school.

Pi Sigma Alpha

The following nine Political Science students have been accepted into the Alpha Eta Alpha Chapter of the Political Science Honor Society, Pi Sigma Alpha:

Erica Diffee
Kathalene Farley
Samantha E. Fenwick
Ryan Jarrett
Ashley L. Silva
Alex J. Simpson
Elizabeth Tomaselli
Kevin A. Vine
Devon E. Williams