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Quest for Meaning

Quest for Meaning

2015 Course Texts & Readings

Available at the Campus Bookstore.

  1. Appiah, Kwame Anthony. (2006). Cosmopolitanism. New York: W.W. Norton & Company.
  2. Frayn, Michael. (1998). Copenhagen. New York: Anchor Books.
  3. Kidder, Tracy. (2003). Mountains Beyond Mountains. New York: Random House.
  4. Blow, Charles. (2014). Fire Shut Up in My Bones. New York. Houghton Mifflen Harcourt.
  5. Alexander, Michelle. (2011). The New Jim Crow. New York. The New Press.
  6. Kolbert, Elizabeth. (2014). The Sixth Extinction. New York. Henry Holt and Company.

Fall Plenary Sessions

Dawn Porter, Director of "Gideon's Army"

10/22/15 Prof. Anne Cox, "Sciences and Our Quest for Meaning"

11/03/15 Prof. David Hastings, "The Natural Environment and Our Quest for Meaning"

11/12/15 Prof. Arthur Skinner, "Art and Our Quest for Meaning"