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PRESIDENT: Holger Mauch, Assistant Professor of Computer Science
local: (727) 864-8372
email: mauchh@eckerd.edu

VICE-PRESIDENT: Jonathan Cohen, Assistant Professor of Marine Science and Biology
local: (727) 864-7827
email: cohenjh@eckerd.edu

TREASURER & SECRETARY: Nancy Smith, Associate Professor of Marine Science & Biology
local: (727) 864-8440
email: smithnf@eckerd.edu

Sigma Xi
Eckerd College
4200 54th Avenue South
St. Petersburg, FL 33711

toll-free: (800) 456-9009

Monday - Friday
8:30am - 5:00pm

Sigma Xi

American Studies

Eckerd College Sigma Xi Chapter

Next Sigma Xi Annual Conference: Raleigh, North Carolina, November 11-14, 2010

Each November, Sigma Xi leaders and highly motivated college students gather to share ideas, information and camaraderie at the Sigma Xi Annual Meeting and Student Research Conference. Delegates from Sigma Xi chapters decide key governance questions of the Society and attend sessions on leadership, chapter management and major issues facing the research enterprise. Concurrently, undergraduates from institutions around the world present their research, attend career-focused workshops, meet graduate school recruiters and network with Sigma Xi members.

Any current undergraduate or recent graduate can present their research at the annual conference. Our chapter can help defray the costs of travel and registration for individuals presenting their research. Please contact Nancy Smith (smithnf@eckerd.edu) for more information. See the Sigma Xi web site for more details.

Sigma Xi Research Grant Awarded to Eckerd Student, Christie Wilcox

Christie Wilcox, a marine science major, was awarded $600 to support her research on "The effect of fiddler crabs on seedling mangroves in Cockroach Bay, FL". The grant is supported by the Grants-in-Aid of Research Program (GIAR). The project focuses on the biological interactions between white mangroves and fiddler crabs. The funds will be used to pay for field and lab supplies and travel to and from the field site (CockroachBay, HillsboroughCounty).

For more information and application materials for GIAR, follow the link: http://www.sigmaxi.org/programs/giar/index.shtml

Remembering Dr. John Thompson

Dr. John Thompson, longtime member and supporter of Sigma Xi, passed away July 2005. He was neurosurgeon at local hospitals (St. Anthony's & Bayfront) and taught courses at the medical school at the University of South Florida. Dr. Thompson joined Sigma Xi in 1948, and was one of the founding members of the Eckerd College Sigma Xi chapter. He was extremely dedicated to the chapter and came to most of our events and meetings. He served as a chapter vice-president for 6 years and chapter president from 1970-1971. He is survived by his wife Dorothy, who also comes to our events. Our chapter will miss an extraordinary scientist.

This webpage is maintained by Sigma Xi member, Nancy Smith (smithnf@eckerd.edu)

Sigma Xi Chapter Members

Ackley, Jeffrey W. (Biology)
Adams, Max D.
Arnold, William S. (Marine Ecology, Mollusc Biology)
Ayres, Paul S. (Metallurgical Engineering)
Baker, Victoria J. (Anthropology)
Beckner, John (Botany)
Borck, Hayley (Computer Science)
Bradley, William Guy (Physiology, Molecular Biology)
Brooker, Hampton R. (Physics)
Brunk, William E.  (Astrophysics)
Burroughs, Henry B. (Computer Science)
Carney, Ashford S. (Marine Biology)
Carr, Misty R. (Biology)
Chapin, Kenneth J. (Biology) 
Ciaccio, Leonard Louis (Chemistry)
Clarke, Courtney E. (Biology)
Class, Jay B. (Polymer Science)
Coffey, Elise C. (Marine Biology)
Cohen, Jonathan H. (Vision Physiology) 
Collins, Nichole M. (Biology)
Cooper, Raymond D.
Corty, Claude (Chemical Engineering)
Corey, Brian E. (Astrophysics, Geophysics)
Croxford, Mark A.
Darby, Catie A. (Biology)
Drechsel, Jessie A (Marine Biology)
Eckes, Maxi J. (Marine Ecology)
Ferguson, John C. (Molecular Biology, Physiology)
Gaskill, Teresa R. (Botany)
Gilbert, Melissa L. (Geology)
Gould, Ashley Rose (Geophysics)
Gowans, Shannon E. (Marine Biology, Marine Mammalogy)
Greenhow, Danielle R. (Marine Biology)
Hanes, Sheila D. (Botany, Ecology)
Hart, Kristen M. (Ecology)
Helm, Rebecca R. (Biology)
Heupel, Christina M. (Biology)
Hollweg, Terill A. (Geology, Marine Chemistry)
Hoover, Kelli J. (Marine Chemistry)
Hudson, Reggie L. (Physical Chemistry, Astrochemistry)
Kalapaca, Henry P. (Nuclear Physics)
Kennedy, Emily M. (Social Sciences)
Kreider, Henry R.
Kyte, Brian G. (Chemistry)
Mauch, Holger (Computer Science)
McGlamery, Merrill H.
McNesky, Justin B (Social Sciences)
Meigs-Friend, Gaia (Environmental Studies)
Mezey, Eugene J. (Inorganic Chemistry, Chemical Engineering)
Michelsohn, Moses J. (Biology)
Mitchell, Kristen Ann (Marine Biology)
Muller, Jennifer K. (Toxicology, Marine Biology)
Nosach, Courtney R. (Marine Biology)
Odell, Jessica L. (Biology)
Olson, Grant L. (Marine Ecology)
Ormsby, Alison A. (Environmental Education)
Randle, Noura J. (Marine geology)
Reichert, Emily J. (Biology)
Richards, Travis M. (Marine Biology)
Rinker, Bruce H. (Forest Ecology) 
Roberts, Gina M. (Biochemistry)
Ross, Ira F.
Santee, Amy L. (Anthropology)
Schmidt, Kimberly E. (Marine Biology)
Schwing, Patrick T. (Physical & Earth Sciences)
Simard, Peter, A. (Marine Mammalogy))
Smith, Nancy F. (Marine Ecology, Marine Parasitology)
Soli, Alan L. (Chemistry)
Sunderman, Stephanie (Marine Biology)
Thornton, Bridget L. (Marine Biology)
Voss, Joshua D. (Coral Reef Ecology)
Walsh, James A. (Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry)
Warner, Megan C. (Biology)
Westman, Jack C. (Child Psychiatry)
Wetzel, Laura R. (Marine Geophysics)
Wilcox, Christie L.  (Marine Ecology)
Yeager, Lauren A. (Ecology)