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Sociology Majors: Post-Eckerd Careers

The following list is not comprehensive.  It represents what we have heard from some of our former students.  However, this list makes it clear that our students are finding interesting and important work after they leave Eckerd College.
  • Acton, Kaitlin, ’13: Drake Law School
  • Albano, Joseph, ’00: Police Officer, Worcester, Massachusetts
  • Andress, Samantha, ’04: Mental Health Counselor, Hope Hospice, Ft. Myers, Florida
  • Antonaras, Manny, ’03: Criminal Investigator, NOAA Enforcement
  • Aiello, Brittnie, ’01: Assistant Professor of Sociology, Merrimack College
  • Back, Joseph, ’00: Financial Services Account Manager with General Electric Capital
  • Beddingfield, Betony, ’07: Personal Trainer at Move It Be Fit
  • Benoit, Lydee, ’10: Assistant Volleyball Coach at University of North Carolina, Asheville
  • Berg, Keli, ’99: Owner, Pilates Studio
  • Bland, Gabrielle, ’11: Child Protective Services, Central Texas
  • Boeringer, Scot, ’87:  Professor of Criminology at University of South Florida, Polytechnic
  • Bruce, Adriann, ’11: John A. Burns School of Medicine, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Burek, Sarah, ’05: Youth Child Care Worker with Children’s Home Society of Florida
  • Carlson, Cory, ’99: History Teacher and Baseball Coach, Northwest Catholic High School
  • Carrington, Peter, ’07: Social Worker, New York City
  • Chua, Dorothy, ’93: Research Consultant with Canadian Development Consultants International, Vancouver
  • Claridge, Leslie, ’12: Data Analyst at TideWatch, a market research firm in Portsmouth, NH
  • Clark, Kasey, ’13: Communications Coordinator, Austin, TX
  • Clendenning, Andrea, ’87: Chief of the Applied Systems Research and Evaluation Branch, Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Atlanta
  • Colby, Sandra, ’04: Doctoral Candidate, Department of Sociology, Florida State University
  • Cox, Kai, ’00: Territory Manager, Dentsply North America
  • Cunningham, Lauren, ’05: Community Events Manager
  • Cushing, Theo, ’04: Customs and Border Protection
  • Ducharme, Lori, ’90: Health Scientist Administrator, National Institutes of Health, Washington, D.C.
  • Duffala, Jennifer, ’98: Youth Ranch Program Coordinator with Lee County, Florida, Sheriff’s Office
  • Faulk, Myonitra, ’01: Cost Controller, Innisbrook Resort
  • Felicetta, Michael, ’02: Assistant District Attorney, Erie County, New York
  • Formato, Oliver, ’98: Sales Manager with Humana, Inc.
  • Fox, Djuan, ’01: College Advisor, Saint Petersburg College
  • Garner, Lance, ’08: Law Student, University of Maryland
  • Gavenas, Ashley, ’08: Clinical Case Manager, Gulf and Lake Academy, Clearwater, Florida
  • Hackett, Meaghan, ’05: Teacher with Lynn Public Schools
  • Hamann, Hans, ’13: Graduate Student, Advertising
  • Hamilton, Kathryn, ’12: Law Student, Stetson University College of Law
  • Herrygers, Krista (Rogers), ’08: Studies to become a physician assistant, University of Toledo
  • Hill, Laura, ’02: Mental Health Technician at Behavioral Service School
  • Husting, Virginia, ’85: Associate Professor of Sociology at Boise State University
  • Iacono, Carmine, ’87: Attorney, Toronto
  • Janusz, Marla, ’03: Working toward MSW at University of Utah
  • Jimenez, Nicole, ’06: Portfolio Manager with the Florida Default Law Group
  • Kramer, Shawna, ’05: Financial Professional with First Investors Corporation
  • Landrey, Kylie, ’12: Graduate Student in Architecture, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  • LeBlanc, Carrie, ’00: Field Agent with the FBI
  • Lesperance, Matthew, ’06: Concierge, Palms Hotel, Las Vegas
  • Lotito, Asianna, ’10: Business Development at Breezin’ Entertainment and Productions
  • Mack, Kelly, ’00: Assistant Marketing Director
  • Mac’Kie, Annie, ’10: Teacher at Discovery Day Academy, Naples, FL
  • Malizia, Stefan, ’05: Doctoral Candidate, Department of Sociology, University of California, Irvine
  • McConkey, Dale, ’87: Associate Professor of Sociology at Berry College, Georgia
  • Mehan, Kim, ’99: Mathematics Teacher, Pasco County
  • Merichko, Timothy, ’01: Revenue Forecasting Analyst with Department of Revenue
  • Mosure, Chelsea, ’09: Teach for America, Colorado
  • Murray, Katherine, ’05: Economic Self-Sufficiency Specialist with Florida State Department of Children and Families
  • Nash, Amber, ’06: Teacher, Pinellas County
  • O’Flanagan, John, ’92: Attorney, Tampa, Florida
  • Paschal (Fyrberg), Christine, ’95: Director of Quality Management, Wayside Youth and Family Support Network, Framingham, Massachusetts
  • Pasnak-Lapchick, Emily, ’11: End Trafficking Program Officer at UNICEF
  • Polgar, Chelsey, ’05: Assistant Coach, Case Western Reserve University
  • Pyne, Anna, ’06: Employment Consultant, Grove House Supportive Services
  • Reece, Sam, ’06: Regional Sales Manager at Pharmacy Solutions, Inc.; Jackson, Wyoming
  • Roach, Tracy, ’07: Adolescent Substance Abuse Counselor, Operation PAR
  • Rosenthal, Adam, ’06: Police Officer, North Las Vegas
  • Ross, Debra, ’90: Associate Professor of Criminal Justice, Grand Valley State University, Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Schandelmayer, Jennifer, ’05: Paralegal
  • Seipp-Williams, Luke, ’03: Youth Leadership Coordinator with Americorp-Vista
  • Shin, Solee: Doctoral Candidate, Department of Sociology, University of Washington
  • Silva, Ashley, ’12: Graduate Student in Criminology, University of North Florida
  • Smith (Dillon), Jen, ’89: Teacher (Special Education)
  • Smith, Violet, ’08: Elementary School Teacher in Portland, Maine
  • Socha, Janice, ’94: Tax Analyst for IRS
  • Spielmaker, Kirk, ’00: Field Agent with the FBI, Cleveland
  • Stroh, Joe, ’03: Real Estate Agent, Idaho Falls, Idaho
  • Sullivan, Matthew, ’13: Child Safety Case Manager at Directions for Living, St. Petersburg
  • Sweetall, David, ’89: President of his own advertising and marketing business
  • Taylor, Kristie, ’93: Senior Study Director, Westat
  • Traynor, Galway, ’09: Graduate Student, Department of Asian History, University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Trettevik, Ryan, ’08: Graduate Student, Department of Sociology, University of California, Riverside
  • Ulkus, Gregory, ’07: Environmental Analyst with Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection
  • Wallace, Alexandra, ’10: Accounts Payable/Accounting, Rishi Tea
  • Walmer, James, ’12: Law Student, Stetson College of Law
  • Waterman, Brianna, ’03: Assistant Manager at a Restaurant
  • Watters, Lacie, ’03: St. Petersburg Police Dept.
  • Wheaton, Laura (Harriman), ’94: Attorney, Statesboro, Georgia
  • White, Angela, ’08: RN, Virginia Beach, VA
  • White, Ashley, ’11: Communication Coordinator, Jabil Circuit, St. Petersburg, Florida
  • Wilkerson, Cythera, ’06: Social Worker with Gulf Coast Family Services

Why Sociology?

Sociology may be the most inclusive of the social sciences. Indeed, it would be fair to say that there is no form of human behavior or experience which is outside the interests of sociologists. Some sociologists study systems of inequality based on class, race, and gender. Other sociologists examine social institutions, such as work and occupations, the family, politics and government, education, health, and religion. Still other sociologists investigate the dynamics of social organizations, small groups, and face-to-face interaction.