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In Their Own Words

Students of Spanish

Julia Collins

Class of 2016

Julia Collins
Julia Collins addresses United Nations | Tampa Bay Times | July 16, 2014
Why did you decide to study Spanish in college?

I am studying Spanish because I think it is the most beautiful language in the world. I also hope to use it to help run my own business in the future. I took Spanish throughout high school so it made sense to continue it in college. During my time studying Spanish at Eckerd it has really become a passion for me!

What is your favorite Spanish word, term or expression? Why?

Word: Durazno - peach
Phrase: Buscarse la Vida - go look for your life

I also really love the phrase, "te echo de menos," which means I miss you, but literally translates to “I am thrown by your loss." I think that is too sweet.

What is your favorite Spanish speaking country and why?

I don’t know if I can say that I really have a favorite. I have been to quite a few. Costa Rica, Ecuador and Spain definitely compile my top 3 because they are the countries I have spent the most time in.

What is your funniest or most embarrassing foreign language conversation/translation story?

During Winter Term of my freshman year I was in Ecuador trying to tell my host mom that I was going out to a club for the night and probably not going to sleep for very long. What I actually said was that I was going to sleep at the club. She was really confused until I re-explained. We had a good laugh once we got it figured out.

Have you been able to utilize your Spanish language skill in a foreign country? How and where?

I spent my last two Januarys studying Spanish in Ecuador(2013) and Spain(2014). In both cases I stayed with amazing host families and got to become a part of the national culture for 3 weeks. I try to utilize my Spanish at home in every way possible- I will talk to anyone!

What do you like most about studying Spanish at Eckerd?

I love studying spanish at Eckerd because there are amazing opportunities to improve your Spanish on cool trips and in interesting classes. I also love the Spanish faculty. They are all so amazing.

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Migration and Multicultural Identities

Efrén Nicolás Leyva Acevedo, Consul to Mexico in Orlando, FL visited the campus September 24, 2014, to talk about migration from the Mexican perspective, and the challenges and responsibilities of a multicultural identity.