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In Their Own Words

Students of Spanish

Katherine Pace

Class of 2016

Katherine Pace
Why did you decide to study Spanish in college?

I have been taking Spanish classes for as long as I can remember. I used to hate going to class, but then one day I had the chance to travel abroad and actually use my skills. That changed my life forever. I loved the fact that by pursuing Spanish I could learn about another culture. I want to be able to communicate with people from all over the world, whether it be related to work, school or a future job.

What is your favorite Spanish word, term or expression? Why?

My favorite Spanish expression is "buscarse la vida." First of all, it's just fun to say, but it means to go out, explore and figure out life. That's what my mentor told us when we where in Madrid, and I think it has become my new motto in life.

What is your favorite Spanish speaking country and why?

My favorite Spanish speaking country is Spain. I just love the culture, the art, the people, the whole atmosphere in the different places I visited while I was there.

What is your funniest or most embarrassing foreign language conversation/translation story?

When I went to Madrid for winter term this past year, I was exhausted when I first got there, and hadn't even been practicing my Spanish for 3 weeks. I had no idea what my host mother was saying to me for the first weekend. I would constantly be answering questions that she never asked. It was so embarrassing, because she would say one thing, and I would think she said something else completely, and then we would both be confused.

Have you been able to utilize your Spanish language skill in a foreign country? How and where?

I have been to Spain twice, once for a week, and the other time for a month. The first time (for a week) my Spanish was really helpful for communicating just to get around. The second time, I would have died without Spanish. Everyone spoke to me in Spanish: my host family, my professors, and of course people on the street. I met a lot of really interesting people because I was able to use the language. The best compliment I could get was if I was just outside and other people came up to me and asked me a question in Spanish; like I was a local!

What do you like most about studying Spanish at Eckerd?

I think my favorite part about studying Spanish at Eckerd is the opportunities it opens to study abroad.

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Migration and Multicultural Identities

Efrén Nicolás Leyva Acevedo, Consul to Mexico in Orlando, FL visited the campus September 24, 2014, to talk about migration from the Mexican perspective, and the challenges and responsibilities of a multicultural identity.