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In Their Own Words

Students of Spanish

Tatiana Hoecker

Class of 2016

Tatiana Hoecker
Why did you decide to study Spanish in college?

I grew up with Spanish around me both in my home and in my heritage. My mother is from Mexico and has raised me to be appreciative of both my cultures. I came to college knowing I wanted to study Spanish because of two reasons. First, I believe it is important to speak more than one language, especially in our globally connected world. Secondly, I want to be able to speak to my family with fluency and be a part of the grand culture and traditions of Latin America and Spain.

What is your favorite Spanish word, term or expression? Why?

One of my favorite words in Spanish is "chula." In Spanish it means pretty. I think it is a fun word to say and a cute word to use. I love the way it sounds because it is both soft and feminine.

What is your favorite Spanish speaking country and why?

I have been fortunate to be able to travel to many Spanish speaking countries. However, I would say that Mexico has been my favorite so far. I am in love with the culture in Mexico. All its color, flair and ancient traditions are fascinating to me. I also love Mexican food and all its spiciness.

What is your funniest or most embarrassing foreign language conversation/translation story?

I really cannot remember an embarrassing conversation story, however I can remember a funny story about my Spanish language learning. When I was five years old, I went to Mexico to visit family. This was the first time I had been back to the country since I was a toddler. Before this trip, I was always fighting my mom about learning Spanish. I did not understand why I had to learn it and none of my friends at the time were learning other languages. On the trip in Mexico, I discovered that there is a whole country of people that spoke Spanish. I remember this being a very enlightening moment for me as a child. After this I soon learned of the whole Spanish speaking world. From that moment on, I have been fascinated by Spanish and its significance in the world.

Have you been able to utilize your Spanish language skill in a foreign country? How and where?

Whenever I travel to a Spanish speaking country, I am able to utilize my Spanish language skills. One of the times I used my Spanish the most was during my travels to Honduras. I have been on several mission trips to Honduras beginning at age thirteen. On one these trips, I became involved with the community in workshops related to gardening, cooking, music and vision. In all of these, I have used my Spanish to communicate with the local people and hopefully made a difference in their lives.

What do you like most about studying Spanish at Eckerd?

My favorite part about studying Spanish is that I feel that I gain access into a different world. Spanish connects all of Latin America and Spain, which I do not believe other languages do in the same way. It is a beautiful, rich and historic culture and that surrounds those countries. By learning Spanish, I feel that I gain a better understanding of my own bi-cultural life, as well as a better understanding of the people and culture of Spanish speaking countries. I hope one day I am able to travel to more places in Latin America and continue my lifelong goal of becoming a global citizen.

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