Visual Arts in the Program for Experienced Learners

The Program for Experienced Learners (PEL) offers students 23 years of age or older the opportunity to graduate with a minor in Visual Arts. To help facilitate this, the full-time residential art faculty is supplemented with adjunct instructors who offer courses at the Morean Arts Center in downtown St. Petersburg, as well as the Morean Arts Center for Clay.

PEL Visual Arts Instructors:

  • Catherine Abrams (MA, University of South Florida)
  • Antoinette Aleccia (MA, SUNY, Binghamton)
  • Lynn Carol Henderson (Ph.D, Union Institute)
  • Barbara Hubbard (MA, Montclair State University; Ph.D University of South Florida)
  • Pamela Jones (MFA, University of South Florida)
  • Betsy Orbe Lester (MFA, University of South Florida)
  • Rose Marie Prins (Ph.D, Union Institute)
  • Marshall Rousseau (BA, Valparaiso; Director Emeritus, Salvador Dali Museum)
  • L. Matthew Schiemann (MFA, Southern Illinois at Carbondale)
  • Rebecca Skelton (MFA, University of Auburn)
  • Catherine Thompson (MFA, University of South Florida)
  • Adam Yungbluth (MFA, University of Mississippi)