Western Heritage in a Global Context

General Education

Fall 2013 Reading List


Summer Reading – Behind the Beautiful Forevers, Boo

Euripides Ten Plays, Roche, trans.
Eyes of the Heart, Aristide
Life of Galileo, Brecht
Mencius, Lau, trans.
The Ramayana, Narayan, trans.
The Republic, Plato
Their Eyes Were Watching God, Hurston
A Writer’s Reference 7th Ed., Hacker
Syllabus for Human Experience: Then and Now, FD 181

Major Texts
Major Text:  Alive at the Core**
Study Guide: The Epic of Gilgamesh
Study Guide: Studying the Arts in WHGC
Major Text: Muhammad:  His Life Based on the Earliest Sources**
Study Guide: What is Truth
Major Text: The Buddha-Carita

** Copyrighted material, available in the printed syllabus

What is WHGC?

Western Heritage in a Global Context (known as WHGC) will engage some of the influential works and ideas of Western civilization in a conversation with important works of non-Western civilizations. We will also listen to voices that have often gone unrecognized in traditional Western Civilization courses. What we envision is a journey through time that creates cross-cultural communication and allows students to consider alternatives to the received wisdom of their own culture.