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We know that cost is an important factor in your college decision. While reviewing the cost of attending Eckerd, keep in mind that 96% of our students are receiving some form of financial aid and we are eager to work with you on making your education fit your budget. Below are the estimated expenses for 2015-16. Please note that this information is for students in the residential program of the college. Students in the Program for Experienced Learners (PEL) have a different tuition structure and may be considered for PEL-specific scholarships, federal and state grant programs and federal loans.

Tuition: $39,684
Student activity fee: $336
Room*: $5,496
Board*: $5,424
Total Costs: $50,940
Average aid award: $26,000
Students receiving financial aid: 96%

There are many types of aid available to students including scholarships, grants, work, and loans. A complete list of merit and need-based aid as well as details on how to apply for aid may be found on our Scholarships & Financial Aid page.

* Room charges will vary based upon the type and location of the room. Board charges will vary based upon the meal plan tier selected. You may see the costs here.

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