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Chris Giordano


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Following Your Passion

When I started looking at colleges I was overwhelmed. There were so many options, each with its own benefits and disadvantages. Many programs were similar and it was difficult to discern the differences between them. My advice, as you go through this process, is to follow your passion. I knew I had a knack for the sciences and a variety of other skills, but my passions for marine science, cultural exchange, and volunteering guided me. I looked for an institution that would allow me to develop my skills and experience within these areas, and I recommend that you do the same. As you begin this process, ask yourself what you love and what you are looking for from a college. Big or small and personal? What kind of programs do you want? How do you want campus life and the community to be? I chose Eckerd because its liberal arts education, adaptable course work, marine science program, and travel opportunities matched what I was passionate about. As you search through schools, you must keep in mind what drives you, so that you can find somewhere that will not only make you happy, but also prepare you for your eventual field.

A Place Unlike Any Other

If you don’t know it by now, Eckerd is a place unlike any other. When I describe the opportunities I had here, many of my friends back home couldn’t believe it. They call it “Camp Eckerd”, but it so much more. Though I went to a different country every year, went sailing at least twice a month, and in my free time I was able to hop in the car for an afternoon get away at the beach or kayak surrounded by dolphins, Eckerd provided me an academic opportunity I could not find anywhere else. What other college offers you variety like that? Eckerd offers you the ability to balance exotic opportunities and adventures with the relaxing afternoons after class doing homework in a hammock. And, like at other colleges, all nighters are a weekly requirement. In addition, Student life is burgeoning on campus with everyone you meet invested in the community. Every day there is something happening- all driven by students. Campus Activities and Palmetto Productions recognize what students are looking for and bring fairs, musicians, magicians, and a variety of other acts to campus. Also, the sense of community is strengthened by the tight relationships between students, faculty, and staff. At Eckerd, you are able to swing by a professor’s office just to catch up, faculty invite student groups to their houses for dinner, and, if you’re really lucky, they might bring baked goods to those early 8:30 classes.

Four years later

I graduated in 2013, and decided to stay on as an admissions counselor so that I would have the opportunity to bring the Eckerd experience to others. Eckerd is a special place, and as an alumnus I still want to contribute to the community on campus. I would love to help you through your college process, so please do not hesitate to call or email me with your questions.

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