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Maria Furtado


California Recruiter


I'll always say I'm from New Bedford, Massachusetts. But, I lived in Southbridge, Massachusetts, for 22 years and it's my adopted hometown.

What I enjoy most about Eckerd

I like that students from so many places come together to create a community. And, I love the little geckos that hang out in the sun outside my office window.

Experience is a great teacher

As an employer and an employee, I think the most useful tools you can bring to the table are creative thinking, an open mind and the willingness to work hard. Eckerd will ask a lot of you, personally and academically. Looking at a question, issue or topic from many perspectives is the essence of a liberal arts education. The students I've met over the years who really want to understand issues are those who want to turn it over and over until they understand all aspects - the student with real intellectual curiosity - that's the perfect student for a liberal arts school like Eckerd.

Does size really matter

I drive a 2005 Mini Cooper - it's the biggest small car I've ever driven! I guess I think size does matter. If you want to make a difference as an undergraduate, look at small schools. If you want to have a voice in your world, look at small schools. If you want to be an unknown face in the crowd, small schools are not for you. I went to a high school of close to 4,000 and a college of 1,500. You can really get to know people without feeling smothered on a small campus.

Selecting the right school

My hope for every student is that he or she will step onto a college campus and say "this is it". It happened to me and I've really never regretted my choice.

Last minute advice

  • Trust your gut.
  • Be brave enough to consider a school like Eckerd that may make your friends and family say "where?" with that puzzled but polite look that people sometimes get.
  • Be open to the idea of a school where we expect you to engage, argue, compliment, support, and challenge your fellow students.
  • Write your essay, not the essay you think Admission reps want to read.
  • And, make sure you enjoy your college visits - find a way to keep your sense of humor!
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