Move-In Tips from Eckerd Parents

Members of the Parent Council offer their firsthand advice for a smooth move-in experience:

"Consider ordering a microwave and dorm refrigerator from Sears, Best Buy, Lowe's, or The Home Depot in St. Petersburg. You can order in advance and have it waiting for you."

"Dorm rooms are chilly. Don't forget a cotton quilt or comforter. Towels that are made from quick drying fabric will dry faster in dorm rooms."

"Bring small tools if you want to raise the bed. Plastic bed risers will allow for underbed storage of plastic containers."

"Bring hooks for towels, laundry bag, etc."

"A little tool kit is very helpful, as well as double-sided tape (to put things on the concrete walls)."

"Move-in day is hot! Bring plenty of water to keep hydrated. Have a rain poncho handy as the weather will humid with afternoon showers always a possibility."

"If you want time with your child before leaving him or her, then get there early. Once around other students, he or she will be excited, busy and already making his or her transition. I encourage parents to take time to take in the Parenting at a Distance seminar. It was invaluable and gave us a lot of information."

"Make contact with your student's roommate ahead of time to decide who is covering what (microfridge, printer, TV, etc)."

"One of the things we did when we got into town was arranging to meet our son's roommate's parents and sibling for a cocktail and dinner. This was a great way to meet everyone and have wonderful conversation without trying to move everyone into the dorm. It was a good chance for all of us to get to know each other in a relaxing environment. We communicate occasionally during the year and feel like we have made friends that we otherwise wouldn't have."

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