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Paul Posillico, Jimmy Rivera and Alec Ogg

Hollywood, California

Paul Posillico, Jimmy Rivera and Alec Ogg
Class of 2012 | Majors: Economics, Environmental Studies and Theatre

Paul Posillico, Jimmy Rivera and Alec Ogg are from three distinctly different hometowns and have academic interests related in only the liberal arts sense. So of course when they arrived at Eckerd College, as roommates from New York, Chicago and Memphis, they formed a fast friendship. Their Eckerd experience is likely shared by other alumni, yet so uniquely Eckerd, it’s unlikely to happen at many other colleges or universities.

Alec Ogg, Jimmy Rivera and Paul PosillicoThe details of their exploits and engagement while on campus are exciting on their own, but it is the impact of those endeavors on their current careers that is so compelling. After four years as roommates, Paul, Jimmy and Alec decided to move to Hollywood, California after graduation in 2012. What these young men have been up to since commencement 2012 is quite impressive.

Economics and Oscars

Originally from New York, Paul Posillico earned his economics degree in hopes that it would propel him to success in the entertainment industry. His goal is to become an Agent and he is currently working at Mattel, which was recently featured in Variety magazine for their new ventures in Hollywood. In addition to being the world’s largest toy manufacturer, Mattel has big plans to produce original films, TV shows, Web series, live events and games.

Paul also has an internship with the production company Echo Lake. He is responsible for reading pilot scripts for television shows, novels, and film scripts, and writing coverage on them for executives. Echo Lake’s most recent production is the Oscar nominated, Nebraska, starring Best Actor nominee Bruce Dern. Finally, like most Eckerd students filling their days with just one more club or activity to an already packed schedule, Paul is taking a UCLA extension class in Film Pre-production and Post-Production.

Whales, Sharks and Dolphins! Oh, Marine Science

Alec Ogg, Jimmy Rivera and Paul PosillicoJimmy Rivera is from the Windy City, Chicago, and earned his degree in environmental studies. His love of the outdoors and the opportunity to take advantage of the ecological diversity the campus and the Tampa-St. Petersburg area offer were driving factors in his decision to attend Eckerd.

Out west he has worked as a deck hand on the Catalina Express that commutes between Long Beach and Catalina Island. Blue whale, bottlenose dolphin, fin whale and shark sightings while making the trip to and from Catalina Island have replaced the Florida manatees, sea turtles and horseshoe crabs he used to see near Eckerd. In addition to interesting sea life, what really has Jimmy excited is his new position at the Catalina Island Marine Institute. He will be working full time on Catalina Island as a Marine Science instructor. He’ll have the chance to go snorkeling, kayaking, and hiking with students and teaching them everything he learned at Eckerd about marine life.

Music, Memphis and Another Man's Trash

The final member of the trio is the southern guy, Alec Ogg from Memphis. He majored in theatre, yet his approach was truly an interdisciplinary art educational experience. As a proud alumni member of Eckerd's improv team, Another Man's Trash, he is continuing his improv and theatre education at The Groundlings Theatre and School. The Groundlings is an improvisation and sketch comedy theatre that boasts alumni like Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Will Ferrell, Maya Rudolph, and Will Forte. Alec has also been in student films at the Los Angeles Film School, a Norwegian barbecue commercial, and has been an extra on MTV's show Teen Wolf.

Alec Ogg, Jimmy Rivera and Paul PosillicoActing and auditioning take up most of his time, yet Alec is still able to put his 4 years of Eckerd choir, 3 years of playing piano for the Wireman Chapel Sunday service and his minor in music to use by playing music around Southern California. The House of Blues on the Sunset Strip, Fiesta Hermosa in Hermosa Beach, Summerfest in Venice beach, The Hard Rock Cafe on Hollywood Boulevard and Molly Malone's in West Hollywood are some of the well known venues where he has played his singer-songwriter original songs.

A recent report from ACT indicated that students with higher aspirations typically attended college farther from home. These three friends each traveled about 1,000 from home to attend Eckerd College and then traveled another 2,500 miles to get their careers started. It's clear from their efforts so far that Paul, Jimmy and Alec have really lofty aspirations and their Eckerd educations are helping them get there.

If you're in town for Alumni weekend be sure to check out the musical stylings of Alec Ogg at venues around St. Petersburg. Exact dates and locations to be added soon.

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