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Alex Trouteaud

SENIOR VP Customer Insights, Anderson Press Inc.

Alex Trouteaud
Class of 1997
Majors: Psychology
Minor: Sociology
Advanced Degree: Ph.D., Applied Sociology, Baylor University
Where are you now and what are you doing?

I live in Atlanta and oversee the marketing, research, and digital retail operations for a large CPG company. I also own a very successful martial arts business and have started an online coffee subscription company.

What does your job entail and how has your Eckerd experience impacted your career?

My job entails a little bit of everything, and that's exactly what Eckerd prepared me to do! My background in social science, as well as the interdisciplinary experiences I enjoyed while at Eckerd have allowed me to be successful in a variety of areas.

What unique or special opportunities did your Eckerd education provide and how have they impacted your life?

The ability to participate meaningfully in high-quality research gave me a big leg up on most other grad students when I was working on my Ph.D. Also being able to travel during winter terms exposed me to many thought-provoking experiential learning opportunities.

Describe some of your best memories or favorite traditions from your time at Eckerd.

I met my wife at Eckerd, so that has to be my favorite memory. As far as traditions go, I actually liked that Eckerd was all about creating your own tradition and exploring what's new.

What makes Eckerd so special or why does it stand out to you as a great college? What does it mean to you now that you have been away for awhile?

Eckerd is so special because it gives students room to explore and carve out an educational path of their own, all under the watchful supervision of outstanding faculty.

Describe some of the people who had a profound impact on your Eckerd experience.

Every last one of the psychology faculty members had a profound impact on my experience, as well as a few of the sociology professors with whom I took classes. And I'll always remember my autumn term professor as the one who "welcomed" me to the Eckerd experience. If I had to choose just one, though, it would be Mark Davis in psychology because he dedicated so much time to teaching me how to be a researcher.

Are there core Eckerd values you see in most Eckerd students and graduates?

Creativity, openness, and insatiable curiosity.

What activities were you involved in while at Eckerd and did they influence what you are involved in now?

I dabbled in all sorts of clubs, which helped keep me occupied. I was also an RA, which was a great way to learn about accountability, leadership, and management.

Why did you choose Eckerd? What advice would you give students who are considering Eckerd?

I chose Eckerd because it "felt right" when I visited. My advice to students who are considering Eckerd is to visit the school and feel it for yourself. It's a great fit for many different types of people, but not everyone.

What else should we know about you or what else would you like to share with us?

My wife, Catherine Trouteaud (Ardis), and I are both honors program alums. We have 5 kids total, 3 of whom are adopted. We're contributors to the annual fund. My wife teaches high school and several of her students have attended Eckerd on her recommendation.

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