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Amber Robinson '10

Law Student, Georgetown Law School

Amber Robinson
Amber Robinson, '10
Law Student, Georgetown Law School
Major: Literature
Minor: Law & Justice

"It was an English Lit class with Professor Empric that first got me interested in law school."

Amber Robinson wasn't even thinking about becoming a lawyer when she transferred to Eckerd from a big university.

"I'd heard a lot about how you're able to tailor your education," she remembers. "I liked the idea of having some control over what sort of classes I took. I also heard Eckerd offered really great mentoring relationships with faculty, that the community feeling was unique and genuine."

Now in her second year at Georgetown Law School, Amber says it was an English Literature class that first sparked her interest. "Dr. Julie Empric teaches law and lit classes to professionals, so she likes to bring law into her classrooms." Amber began introducing legal elements into her coursework, ultimately adding a pre-law minor to her literature major.

It was also Dr. Empric who suggested Amber do an internship to see if she might like the field. "Even to this day when I interview with law firms or government organizations, they're impressed that I did two internships before I graduated."

The experiences have already paid off. "By the time I started taking intro courses at Georgetown, I'd already seen a complaint and worked on other legal documents," says Amber. "It really put it into perspective for me."

Amber says her Eckerd advantage was completing two law internships while at Eckerd - one with a 12-attorney firm and one with a solo practitioner.

Amber Robinson '10 received a Georgetown Academic Merit Scholarship and the American Bar Association Diversity Scholarship to attend Georgetown Law School in Washington, D.C.

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