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Dr. Ashley Hill '86

Executive Medical Director

Dr. Ashley Hill
Dr. Ashley Hill, '86
Executive Medical Director, Loch Haven OB/GYN Group
Major: Biology

"I left much more inquisitive and intellectually curious than I was when I came."

Dr. Ashley Hill wouldn't have attended Eckerd at all if it weren't for his family. Born and raised in Albany, Oregon, Dr. Hill was in his first year at Linfield College when his family moved to Florida. He followed soon after, transferring to Eckerd College.

Now the chair of an academic OB-Gyn practice in Orlando, Dr. Hill is a practicing obstetrician who also mentors students interested in medical careers.

Teaching has made him appreciate his Eckerd faculty mentor and the research the two did together. "I actually got to publish a paper with the chairman of the U.S. Marine Mammal Commission as an undergraduate!"

The experience paid off in med school interviews. "I was one of many who had high GPAs, had done charity work," he remembers. "But every single person I interviewed with was fascinated by the manatee kidney article I published with Professor Reynolds. They were just fascinated by it."

But the best thing he learned at Eckerd? "How to process a lot of different concepts and get to a final solution without being linear.

"I do a lot of work with safety in my practice and sometimes I'm asked to evaluate 14 or 15 different elements: Does the patient have allergies? Is the equipment up-to-date? Has the surgical staff had any practice with it?  Eckerd taught me how to do those sorts of calculations."

Dr. Hill says his Eckerd advantage was publishing a research paper in Acta Anatomica with former Eckerd professor, Dr. John E. Reynolds III.

Dr. Ashley Hill '86 is the Executive Medical Director of Loch Haven OB/GYN Group. He's also a Clinical Associate Professor at both Florida State University College of Medicine and the University of Central Florida College of Medicine.

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