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Audrey Copeland

Business Development Manager, EnerNOC Inc.

Audrey Copeland
Class of 2007
Majors: Environmental Studies, Anthropology
Minor: Chemistry
Advanced Degree: Enrolled at Presidio Graduate School (MBA program)
Where are you now and what are you doing?

I just took a new position at EnerNOC, a cleantech company providing totally energy management solutions. Prior to that I worked for LeanPath, a technology company focused on food waste prevention.

If you are employed, what does your job entail and how has your Eckerd experience impacted your career?

For the last 4 years I've worked in various Business Development capacities. I help organizations achieve greater resource productivity (food waste/energy) utilizing technology. Basically I get to sell solutions that make the world a better place! :-)

Eckerd College provided a fantastic environment to test Business Development skills 101. I remember activities I was involved in that required influencing others to take action. From participating in the Sustainable Campus Task Force to conducting a GHG audit post graduation I got to test out my skills in the art of persuasion.

Eckerd College encourages students to be life long learners who take risks with confidence. This perspective is invaluable in ones career and in life.

What unique or special opportunities did your Eckerd education provide and how have they impacted your life?

Eckerd College is a place of endless possibilities. although it is up to the student to take advantage of these opportunities. Some of these include the Ford Scholar's program, service-learning spring break trips, and unique research/learning opportunities.

One of my favorite experiences was doing research for the Ford Scholars Program. During the summer of 2006 I spent time in Costa Rica interviewing Nicaraguan immigrants living in one of the largest squatter communities. This project took a great deal of confidence. I remember showing up via bus, a complete stranger. Eventually I met Don Alberto, who became my guide as I went door to door conducting interviews. Very few undergrads have an opportunity to conduct such interesting, hands-on research.

Describe some of the people who had a profound impact on your Eckerd experience.

Alison Ormsby- Alison is a fantastic professor and mentor. One of her strongest skills is the ability to develop excellent 1-1 relationships with students. She encourages students to participate in projects and take the lead. Alison also has a true passion for creating a more sustainable future, which can be seen in all of her classes.

Brian MacHarg- Brian puts together a fantastic line-up of service-learning opportunities each and every year. He encourages students to take the lead on projects and in many ways takes a back seat. Brian exemplifies the concept of servant leadership. His form of leadership focuses on helping others succeed.

David Hastings- Although I never took a class from him, I enjoyed the many times we crossed paths with sustainability initiatives. One of my favorite environmental books to date is actually something that he loaned and recommended.

There are many others that had an impact on me throughout my Eckerd experience. I could put together a very long list...

Are there core Eckerd values you see in most Eckerd students and graduates?

Good- the desire to do beneficial things in the world.
Innovative- take the road less traveled.
Explorers- most Eckerd students and grads love to travel.
Learners- the Eckerd community fosters life long learning.

What activities were you involved in while at Eckerd and did they influence what you are involved in now?

I was most involved in sustainability activities. At some point I fell in love with sustainability. I saw a career path where I could make a living while working towards a better future. I loved the fact that the industry was emerging and morphing. I wanted to be at the front of the movement.

In many ways these initial ambitions have materialized. Working in the green space I've had countless opportunities to innovate. I just accepted a new job at EnerNOC. Now I find myself in the energy/cleantech space working for a leading company. The adventure never ends. :-)

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