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Austin Carmack

Clatskanie, OR

Austin Carmack
Major: Biology
Minors: Chemistry and French
Tell us a little about yourself. What makes you a unique Eckerd student?

A few facts about me: I love to run, I enjoy traveling and I've had brain surgery...pretty cool right? Actually my journey at Eckerd wouldn't be possible without some awesome surgeons and doctors. For that I'm very thankful : )

I think everyone at Eckerd is unique and has their own talents. It's a very enriching place because you can go from learning to rock climb with your friends to academic trivia later in the day. One of the reasons why I chose to become a part of residence life is because they're is so much to learn when your living within a community of very talented individuals."

Why did you decide to attend EC?

When I first visited campus it felt like home. Eckerd may not have big brick buildings and Ivory towers, but it sure has a lot of palm trees and hammocks. From the moment I first met some fellow students, they welcomed me and asked me questions. I fell in love with that friendly atmosphere Eckerd is known for.

Eckerd is recognized as a college That Changes Lives (book by Loren Pope). How has EC changed your life?

Eckerd has changed my life dramatically. It has allowed me to grow and develop my own freedom while challenging me academically. I have discovered a passion for exploring other cultures. Most recently I was granted the Risser Family study abroad scholarship last winter term for a language immersion program in the south of France. It was an unforgettable month and I am forever grateful to Eckerd and the Risser Family for making it possible.

What are some traits or characteristics you find in most Eckerd students?

Eckerd students come from very diverse backgrounds and from all over the country, however i can say above all, students are open. Open to developing friendships, open to learn and embrace the challenge to become a liberally educated individual.

The first year of college can have a profound affect on the other 3 years; what was the defining moment of your Autumn Term experience and/or freshman year?

A defining moment albeit a depressing one was when I got my autumn term grade. I had just missed earning an "A" by .03 percent, this was when i realized i was in college. This moment proved I would have to abandon the carefree academic attitude from high school.

How would you describe the academic environment at Eckerd?

Challenging, but encouraging. The professors want you to pour your heart and soul into your classes. Most professors teach what they love and are very willing to work with you when you don't understand a concept.

How do you describe the social scene at Eckerd?

I can use one word to describe the social scene here; Adaptable. By that i mean whoever you are, you'll find people with similar interests. ECOS and Palmetto Productions also do a great job of providing entertainment throughout the year that everyone will enjoy.

What are some of your favorite things at Eckerd? (professor, organization, class, club, event, café meal, etc.)

I wouldn't want to name a favorite professor because they're all stellar in their own right, however most of the biology Professors are pretty awesome. My favorite organization is ECOS because they grant the clubs funds to pursue their passions. My favorite club is EC RoadRunnners ( I'm a little biased because I lead it along with my wonderful co-chair Allie) However the EC Tri club is pretty important too. My favorite event is a toss up because they're a lot of great events, we had a snow day last year. My favorite café meal is when they bring in sushi and my favorite meal at the Pub is the chicken wraps.

As a Resident Advisor (RA) you have a special relationship with and responsibility to your residents. What do you have to say about your residents?

They're great and I couldn't of asked for better people to live with. We have such a unique mix of athletes, artists and gamers. Just to name a few talents in our house we have a rock climber, almost the entire girls soccer team, a club soccer member, an ultimate Frisbee champ, a few people that can answer any technical or game related question. We also have; guitarists, a person who plays the banjo, a singer, a runner and triathlete, a skydiver, a drummer and some surfers.

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