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Cal Dorough

Atlanta, GA

Cal Dorough
Majors: Ancient Studies and Literature
This eclectic student gives new meaning to the toga party.

It's often been said that the pen is mightier than the sword, but that doesn't stop Cal Dorough, who studies literature and classics at Eckerd, from also periodically attending some of the mixed martial arts classes offered on campus.  In some ways, Dorough might be mistaken for an ancient warrior poet, striding through the fields at Eckerd, listening to some power metal, on his way to Eckerd's south beach to catch up on some Euripides. After all, Dorough asks, "What can beat reading Euripides on the beach?"

It's this freedom to be the kind of student one wants to be that typifies Eckerd's academic environment.  This freedom also resonates with Dorough's own approach to the academic process.  "The way I see it," he explains, "a degree is nice, but the reason I'm here isn't to make a lucrative career, but to further my knowledge of all things that interest me."  With the help of professors Julie Empric (Literature) and Heather Vincent (Classical Humanities) Dorough has carved out a double major in Literature and Ancient Studies.  Dorough is not only able to study literature and classics, but he also writes poetry and, as a participant in Eckerd's literary arts magazine, EC Review, has a hand in bringing the creative arts to the campus community.  When making his decision to come to Eckerd, Dorough recalls that Eckerd's "having its own student-run publishing medium, i.e. the ECReview, was icing on the cake."

The campus environment is as rich in its diversity as the academic environment, and often, the two blend quite nicely.  When asked why Eckerd is one of the select colleges in Loren Pope's Colleges that Change Lives, Dorough reinforces this point by noting that Eckerd "offers the opportunity to do all the things that enthrall you, whether it be studying the things that captivate you, hanging out in rich social environments, or even traveling to new lands. Here one can sip a margarita in one hand and write poetry with the other. One can read about business management while floating out in the bay in a kayak. Here one can cast off the pier with their buddies on a warm summer night with Neil Young humming in the background while rehearsing lines for the upcoming play."

In Eckerd, Dorough found a campus that matches his own eclecticism while inspiring and promoting his creativity and intellect.  Come to campus some day and you might see him, walking on the beach, reciting a Greek tragedy, or maybe even writing one.

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