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Eric Hogenboom

"Eckerd is a good fit for everyone."

Eric Hogenboom
Major: Biology
Tell us a little about yourself. What makes you a unique Eckerd student?

I came to Eckerd from Chicago because of the well known marine bio program (and to escape the Chicago winter). Freshman year I started racing triathlons here and have gotten totally hooked. We are in one of the best possible areas to train and race. A few of us started a triathlon club here that has been growing and is very successful. If I'm not in class or doing homework I'm probably out swimming, biking, or running.

Why did you decide to attend EC?

I decided to attend Eckerd because I thought the small school environment would be good for me. I love having small classes and getting to know my professors. It was a little weird coming from a high school that had over twice as many students as Eckerd, but I soon realized that the small school environment is amazing. Also, you definitely can't complain about the location. Where else can you go to school that has a beach on campus?

What are some traits or characteristics you find in most Eckerd students?

Eckerd students all seem to be very socially open. Everyone seems to get along with each other. Coming from a big high school where people kind of fell into social groups it was great to get away from that.

The first year of college can have a profound affect on the other 3 years; what was the defining moment of your Autumn Term experience and/or freshman year?

Living with all the guys on our floor freshman year had a huge effect on the rest of my time here. We are actually still living together this year and we are planing on living together for the rest of our time here. I'm really glad to be part of such a fun group of guys.

How would you describe the academic environment at Eckerd?

Eckerd's academic environment is really unique. It's challenging without being unreasonable and you get to learn a lot through experience rather than just lectures. The professors are all very passionate about what they teach and really want you to learn and succeed. In many of the classes, I have learned above and beyond what I expected to learn. It's also really helpful to have small classes with lots of interaction and fieldwork.

How do you describe the social scene at Eckerd?

Everyone can fit in somewhere. There are so many organizations and clubs on campus as well as so many different people with different thoughts and ideas that everyone can find somewhere they feel comfortable.

What are some of your favorite things at Eckerd?

Its hard to pick just a few things. The location is perfect, the professors and classes are great, and everything is set up to make students successful in academics as well as their own endeavors. One of the greatest things about Eckerd is ECOS (Eckerd College Organization of Students). Sophomore year when we started the Triathlon Club, we were amazed by how great the ECOS system is. They helped us along in forming the new club and we even got a pretty good budget to help us get started.

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