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Dr. Julie Huber '98

Assistant Professor and Scientist

Dr. Julie Huber
Dr. Julie Huber, '98
Assistant Professor (MBL), Brown University
Assistant Scientist, Marine Biological Laboratory
Major: Marine Science and Biology
Minor: Chemistry

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"The further along I got, the more opportunities there were. I just got hooked."

"Know how I got into undergraduate research?" asks Dr. Julie Huber. "I literally knocked on a professor's door." What followed was a two-year collaboration between her and Associate Professor of Marine Science Joel Thompson.

Professor Thompson got Julie involved in his study of microbes in the waters and sediments of the Bahamas. "I've always been interested in the ocean and its creatures," she says now, "but studying these microbes got me hooked on research."

That research led to graduate school at the University of Washington and a Ph.D. in Biological Oceanography. Dr. Huber now runs a lab in Woods Hole, where she studies how microbial populations function in and regulate the world's oceans.

She is also a professor at Brown University and supervises small groups of Brown's graduate and post-doctoral students, as well as undergrads in the summer. "With undergrads, it's really important to have the one-on-one interaction."

One of Dr. Huber's favorite memories of Eckerd is a Women in Science class she took. "We had to write a long paper," she recalls, "and my subject was Rachel Carson who wrote Silent Spring." Turns out Rachel Carson also spent time at Marine Biological Laboratory as a young graduate student. "When I got the job here, it felt like I had come full circle."

Dr. Huber says her Eckerd advantage was conducting two years of research as an undergraduate with Joel Thompson, Associate Professor of Marine Science.

Dr. Julie Huber '98 is a past recipient of the L'Oreal USA Fellowship for Women in Science.

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