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Morris Shapero

Assistant Professor International Business

Morris Shapero
Quick Facts

MBA, University of Southern California
BA, University of Southern California

I am teaching: International Management, Cultural Environment of International Business, Marketing for Tourism, CHINA: It's Changing Business & Cultural Environments

Areas of expertise:International Management, Cultural Anthropology & International Business, Global Tourism Management Practices in China

Current research or projects: My academic research has focused on the effects of culture on management practices of multinational companies around the globe. Much of this research centers on training programs designed to develop the cross-cultural skills of both managers in the workplace as well as front-line employees. Additional research has examined the effects of culture on the hospitality and travel industry as this sector uncovers ways to better prepare employees for successful service encounters with people from foreign cultures. My most recent research examines cultural issues that firms must consider as they enter the Chinese marketplace.

Q & A
Why did you decide to become a college professor?

It was always a goal….I wished to share my 25+ years of experiences with the business leaders of tomorrow… to ensure that they are great GLOBAL Managers with great "soft skills/people skills." This is so important to be an effective business leader in today's environment of fast-moving globalization.

What do you enjoy most about teaching at Eckerd?

Building relationships with my students and mentee associates.

How would you describe Eckerd students?

Very diverse! So many interests and so much time ahead to make a difference!

What makes Eckerd so special or why does it stand out to you as a great college?

I call it yellow bike culture…. Seeking trust, concern for the environment and wanting to resolve social issues and make a difference. Our students do care and prove it with their service-learning!

What is the best thing a student has ever said in your class?

"You don't know how positively significant my showing up as a freshman in your class has been!" (It was said after graduation in a thank you note!)

How do you describe your teaching style?

Thoughtful, well-organized, student-friendly, challenging and engaging.

How do you encourage your students to ThinkOUTside?

I tell all my students that they should always question the thoughts of others…. You don't always have to believe what is written in a text…you can always challenge it with a good, academic argument. But be thoughtful and considerate though of other's ideas!

What else should we know about you or what else would you like to share?

I do believe that international business through trade and foreign investment is the best way to achieve world peace! When 2 business people from different nations engage each other in commerce…they must talk…and with talk often comes laughter and friendship. Strong relationships between people of different cultures will bring enduring peace!

Using 5 words or fewer complete this sentence: Eckerd is…

...my world. (I could be anywhere right now in my life's journey, doing anything I want….but I cannot think of any place I would rather be!)

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