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Samuel Crea

Chicago, Illinois

Samuel Crea
Major: Environmental Studies
Minors: Biology & Coastal Management
Eckerd isn't right for everyone, but when is, it can be like paradise

If you are considering Eckerd College, Samuel Crea has some advice for you. "Become a Women's and Gender Studies minor, go to lots of events, workout so you don't gain the freshman 15 and enjoy the beach," Samuel opines. He is from Chicago, Illinois, so the beach in his case, went from the frigid waters of Lake Michigan to the tropical waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Eckerd has been beguiling students like Samuel with its welcoming environment and beautiful campus for years. It didn't take long with Samuel, as "Eckerd felt like home to me" during his first visit. He indicated, "It felt like a place that I could belong to and easily fit in." The waterfront location isn't the only engaging and interesting part of Eckerd. Students of all stripes are finding the combination of academics, location and stimulating mix of people as the right college fit. "I have found a place where I belong, a place where I feel important, a place where I can express myself and a place that encourages my personal growth," Samuel explained.

Samuel counts EC-SAR (Eckerd College Search and Rescue), the Pub, Campus Activities and classes in three different disciplines as some of his Eckerd favorites. He even spent a semester abroad in Australia. The opportunity for international education experiences throughout the world are "a popular option at Eckerd." Yet it is clearly EC-SAR that "has heavily shaped my time at Eckerd for the better. I feel like I am having a better college experience because of EC-SAR." Whether it is EC-SAR, Biology, International Education or the chance to live by the beach, Samuel believes, "most Eckerd students are in one way or another an outcast." He continues, "Nerds, geeks and such can find a place where they are not judged, can express themselves freely and they can be themselves."

Eckerd has a lot to offer and for Samuel Crea it was a great match. "When I chose to go to Eckerd. Nothing has felt more right to me." It may seem like paradise in many different ways, but "Although Eckerd is not perfect, it is the perfect place for me."

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