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Sophia Faiella

"Eckerd is like no other college!"

Sophia Faiella
Majors: Theatre and Human Development
Minor: Spanish
Tell us a little about yourself.

I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and lived there for eight years before moving to Miami. I love working in the theater as well as traveling, both of which I have had several opportunities to do at Eckerd. I also make the drive to Disney World with my friends a number of times a year because being 20 years old doesn't stop us from having a blast at the happiest place on earth.

Why did you decide to attend EC?

I think one of the biggest draws for me was how different it was from any other campus I had visited. I loved knowing I would have backyard access to a beach, something which I don't even have back in Miami. The turning point in my decision was during the bonfires at Explore Eckerd Weekend; that was the first time I could finally see myself at a school.

Do you have a “that’s so Eckerd” moment? What is it?

I remember a day during one of the last weekends of sophomore year was a particularly Eckerd moment. I could swear the entire campus was out on Kappa field, playing volleyball and frisbee, with pets running around, and someone started playing music for the whole field. At that moment I couldn't believe I was in college rather than the best camp ever.

How has Eckerd changed your life?

Eckerd has changed my life in more ways than I could recount. During my three years here, I have spent a semester abroad in London, done service-learning in the rainforests of Ecuador, and took a Spanish immersion course in Madrid. I have been in four shows, including our current production of The Tempest. I have met some of the most amazing people and made life-long friends. I have done all of this and more, and I still have a year left.

What are some traits or characteristics found in most Eckerd students?

More than anything I would describe us as open and welcoming. I think the atmosphere of this campus lends itself well to a general sense of warmth and friendliness towards others. I also believe Eckerd students are very dedicated to the environment. I have met people from all majors who feel strongly about environmental preservation and sustainability.

When did you know you made the right choice coming to Eckerd?

I think that once I had established a core group of friends I knew that there was nowhere else I would rather be. There was just that moment when I made the switch from "testing the waters" to knowing that this was the right choice for me.

How would you describe the academic environment at Eckerd?

From my experience, it is clear that Eckerd's faculty has a strong commitment to its students. I have never had a professor who seemed more caught up in their research than in their students and I have never felt like I couldn't approach any of my professors if I needed help.

How do you describe the social scene at Eckerd?

Great! There is never a dull moment on this campus. I can always find something to do on the weekends and there is always variety. There are events for every type of student and if none of them suit you, you'll never be too bored with the beach right next door!

What are some of your favorite things at Eckerd?

I might be biased, but some of my favorite things at Eckerd have been my theater classes. I have had so much fun in these classes and learned more so much about acting. Some of these classes include the Human Instrument, Acting for the Camera, Long-Form Improvisation, and Voice-Acting.

What would you say to someone who is currently in the college search process?

Don't forget that this stressful time is only temporary and you will make it to college. It might not be the place you expect (it wasn't for me), but all of the anxiety and work that you're going through now won't last forever and you'll be in college before you know it.

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