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The college search process is a time consuming operation that requires students to absorb a great deal of information regarding a number of colleges. On these pages you'll find information that may not be the first thing you look at when learning about a school. However, as you begin to narrow your search, you want more than just the basic information about cost, location, and majors.

U-CAN provides a common data format to give prospective students and their families concise, Web-based, consumer friendly information on the nation's nonprofit, private colleges and universities. It's as close of an apples to apples comparison you'll find to provide a sense of a colleges value.

As you begin to learn more and more about Eckerd, it's likely you'll want more and more detailed information. The catalog is the most comprehensive source of information you'll find in one publication. It contains the mission statement, course listings, general education requirements, and just about everything else you're looking for.

The National Survey for Student Engagement (NSSE) data is culled from student responses regarding academic engagement, hands-on learning, community service opportunities, and other opportunities and experiences available on college campuses. Because it comes directly from Eckerd students, the usefulness of this information cannot be overstated.

Eckerd is recognized as 1 of only 40 Colleges That Change Lives (CTCL). Loren Pope's book changed the way colleges are viewed and the CTCL organization remains an intelligent and rational voice in the frenzied college search environment. CTCL is dedicated to the advancement of a student-centered college search process, which is embodied by the Eckerd Admission Office.

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