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While Eckerd College students spend their Winter Term all over the world, this year we are tracking the adventures of students in Antarctica. Along for the ride we have professional photographer Chris Hildreth to document this unique learning experience. Along with daily photographs, students on the trip will be providing a journal that will allow visitors to experience leadership and team building in the field along with Professor Peter Hammerschmidt and his team. Transmissions are being received via satellite from the deck of the M/S Andrea.

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The focus of this course will be to learn and practice highly effective leadership and team working behaviors while experiencing an Antarctica cruise on board the research vessel MS Andrea. The course will be experiential in nature and as such we will use some of our time as a team exploring the Antarctica Peninsula with Zodiac landing craft and working together to achieve our daily objectives. The academic portion of the course will consist of reading Shackleton's Way: Leadership Lessons from the Great Antarctic Explorer by Morrell and Capparell and Mind Over Matter: The Epic Crossing of the Antarctic Continent by Ranulph Fiennes. A special feature of this course will be the expert lecturers provided by the MS Andrea staff and the astonishing sights we will see and experience during this adventure. We will also use on-board travel time (over the Drake Passage) to engage in experiential leadership activities and assessments so that every participant may better understand their own personal leadership attributes with the goal of using them even more effectively during and after our journey.

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