The Academy of Senior Professionals

The Academy of Senior Professionals at Eckerd College


The Academy is founded on the principle that it is important for adults to remain involved and active. Our 300+ members, whether in transition from one career to another or “retired,” are most challenged when they share a community of interests with others who believe that every stage of life can be a time of rejuvenation, enrichment, accomplishment and meaningful productivity.

Our activities are focused in four areas:

  1. Working and learning within the Eckerd community
  2. Working together with Eckerd College
  3. Working within the community
  4. Having fun

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Is ASPEC the Place for You?

Enrich your retirement in a welcoming, supportive community while you:

  • engage in peer led learning
  • work with college students
  • volunteer in the community
  • have fun and make friends

Come and try us out and see if ASPEC is the place you want to be.

Newsletter and Calendar

Interested in a typical week at the Academy? Check out our weekly newsletter and our monthly calendar to see if anything catches your eye!