Quick Contact

In the case of a life-threatening emergency, please call 911.

Adam Colby
Director of Emergency Management and Campus Safety


Eckerd College is located at 27° 42.81' N 82° 40.97' W (Latitude 27.71888 Longitude -82.68831)

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Service Availability

ITS requires about three hours before leaving campus to turn off servers, networking equipment, and perform co-location procedures.
During this transition time:

  • Access to technology from on-campus will go down - Access to technology from off-campus will come up from the co-location site. - Primary web servers/pages will remain available (www, intranet, academics)
  • After short period of time (15-45 min) other services will start to come up.
  • WebMail, cgi.eckerd.edu, and ecweb.eckerd.edu are the first to come up

ITS will restore on-campus access to technology after the all clear is given and we can return to campus.

Technology unaffected by Collocation or BC/DR events

  • Google Apps! including...
  • Gmail
  • Docs
  • Groups
  • Chat
  • POP/IMAP access

Technology and Services Currently Collocated

  • academics.eckerd.edu, cgi.eckerd.edu, home.eckerd.edu
  • my.eckerd.edu, www.eckerd.edu, apps.eckerd.edu
  • Moodle
  • Ubiquitous Presenter
  • Banner ECWeb/Self-Service
  • Banner Forms (requires VPN)
  • TouchNet Payment Gateway
  • Library Remote Database access
  • VPN
  • Web access to Novell files (h:, s, q)
  • Remote Desktop Access (remotedesktop.eckerd.edu)

Technology and Services Currently NOT Collocated

  • Printing
  • Content Management System
  • Ad Astra (Event Scheduler)
  • Archibus (Facilities)
  • CBORD (Food Services, Judicial, ID Cards)
  • Mailroom
  • NOLIJ Document Management System
  • Endeavor Voyager (Library automation server)
  • Event Scheduler
  • Andover Controls (Security Cameras/Door Access/Building Controls)
  • Anti-Virus Updates
  • Badge System

Useful Links

Information about Eckerd College cancellations, closings, and openings are broadcast on TV channels WFLA 8, Bay News 9, WTSP 10, and WTVT 13; and radio stations WHPT 102.5 FM, WXTB 97.9 FM, WFLA 970 AM, and WQYK 1010 AM.

NWS: Local Forecast
NOAA: National Hurricane Center
FEMA: Federal Emergency Management Agency
American Red Cross Tampa Bay Chapter
Pinellas County Emergency Management
FL Division of Emergency Management