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Meal Plans

All students living in residence halls except for Omega must participate in a meal plan offered by the College (listed below).  This requirement ensures that students are provided with proper nutrition while having the opportunity to engage socially with their peers while dining.  New incoming students are automatically enrolled in the Tier A-250 plan, returning students are enrolled in their plan of choice from the prior semester.  Meal plan changes are accepted during the first two-weeks of the semester only.

Meal plans can be used in the Continuing Education Center (CEC) Café and the Café Bon Appétit on an "all-you-care-to-eat" basis; once block is used per meal when dining at either location.

Block Meal Plan includes a Flex Dollar feature for added convenience.  The Flex Dollar program is a declining balance account that works like a debit card for food.  As students spend Flex Dollars the balance is reducing from the account.  This feature offers students the option of purchasing items at the Triton's Pub.  As an alternative to using a block meal, students may also use Flex Dollars to purchase food for themselves or their guests at the any of the campus dining locations.  The amount of Flex Dollars included in each plan varies according to the schedule below:

Meal Plan Options Number of Blocks
Per Semester
Flex Dollars
Per Semester
Tier A-250 250 Blocks $ 125
Tier A-210 210 Blocks $ 175
Tier B 170 Blocks $ 225
Tier C 130 Blocks $ 275

Unused block meals are transferable from fall semester to spring semester if a meal plan of at least equal value is purchased.  Flex dollars are transferable from fall semester to spring semester and will expire at the end of the academic year.  Additional flex dollars may be purchased at any time during the academic year from the Dining Services office. Unused blocks and flex dollars are not refundable.

Meal Plan Exemption Policy

Meal Plan Exemption Request Form - Students who have a medically diagnosed dietary condition (i.e. severe food allergies, Celiac disease, etc.) may submit this Form within the first ten business days of the start of either the Fall or Spring Semester. Exemption requests that are submitted after the first 10 business days will not be considered, and it is the student’s responsibility to resubmit for the following semester. Meal Plan Exemption Request forms can also be picked up in the Office of Disability Support Services located in Edmundson Hall.

Students requesting a meal plan exemption must submit, in addition to the request form, documentation from the student’s health care provider detailing the reason(s) why the college meal plan fails to meet the student’s dietary requirements. This documentation must include a suggested menu for the student as well as any specific meal preparation requirements, and must be received within the first ten business days of the start of either the Fall or Spring Semester. The Office of Counseling Services will not provide documentation to substantiate an exemption request. The Eckerd College Health Center will only provide documentation if the student is, or has been, otherwise treated at the Health Center and if there is a valid dietary need that cannot be met by the food service provider on campus.

All exemption requests must be submitted to the Office of Disability Support Services located in Edmundson Hall within the first ten business days of the start of either the Fall or Spring Semester.

Every effort will be made to meet the student's dietary needs before an exemption is considered.


  1. If a student is submitting medical documentation from the Eckerd College Health Center, the student must have documentation that he/she received treatment on multiple occasions at the campus Health Center for the treatment of dietary issues related specifically to dining on campus.
  2. Medical documentation citing "vegetarianism/veganism" as the reason for exemption will not be considered as this is not a medical condition. The College's foodservice provider includes specialized and designated items for students who prefer vegetarian/vegan foods and works to accommodate other special dietary needs upon reasonable advanced notice. The college's food service provider has a nutritionist on staff to assist students with any dietary questions or concerns. Students should visit the main office of the food service provider, located in the rear of the main café, for more information regarding specific dietary requests.
  3. An exemption request stating "financial burden" will not be considered. Meal Plan Exemptions are granted only for a medically diagnosed dietary condition and only after all efforts to meet the student’s dietary needs have been considered.

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