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General Information

Books and Supplies

The cost of books and supplies varies according to the course of study. Students are expected to have sufficient funds to cover purchases at the college bookstore Barnes & Noble. Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover and personal checks are accepted. If you have been awarded financial aid in excess of the comprehensive cost and would like to use the funds for books & supplies you may do so by submitting a "Bookstore Authorization" form. This form will allow the Campus Bookstore to charge your purchases to your student account. You may download the form from the Bursar's webpage; please contact the Bursar's office if you have any questions or need assistance with the authorization process.

Check Cashing

The College Cashier's office is normally open between the hours of 3–4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Personal and/or business checks up to a maximum of $50 will be cashed upon presentation of a valid student identification card. A charge of $50 is made for each check returned by the bank for nonpayment. Check cashing privileges will be suspended if a check is returned unpaid by the bank.

Outstanding Indebtedness & Administrative Hold

Payments are due in full by the 1st day of class of each term. A finance charge will be assessed on outstanding balances after the due dates.

A student shall not be permitted to register for a semester until all balances are paid in full. For your convenience, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover and ACH payments are accepted in person, online, by telephone, or by written request to the Bursar's Office.

An administrative hold will be placed on any student whose account balance remains unpaid at the end of a semester. The hold will prevent registration and the release of transcripts and diploma. Students who default on any Federal Title IV or Institutional loan will be prevented from receiving their academic transcript. The Registrar will not release an academic transcript until the College receives notification in writing from the applicable guarantee agency, the Department of Education, or other holder of the defaulted loan, that the default status has been resolved.

Institutional Loans affected by this policy are as follows:

Beck Donor Noyes
Ben Hill Griffin Oberg
Frueauff Selby
Helen Harper Brown Trockey

The Registrar's office will also hold the academic transcript and/or diploma for the students who withdraw or graduate from Eckerd College with an outstanding balance on their student account. To resolve the debt, students are encouraged to contact the Bursar's office.

Refund Policy for Dropped Classes

Students must drop classes online or notify the PEL office prior to the first class meeting to receive a full refund.

  • Classes dropped prior to term start date - 100% refund
  • Classes dropped by 4 p.m. the first Friday after term start date - 90% refund
  • Classes dropped by 4 p.m. the second Friday after term start date - 25% refund

There is no refund of tuition after the second Friday after term start date.

There is no refund of tuition if a student withdraws from a course with a grade of "W".

eBill and Online Payments

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Student Accounts
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