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Division of Business and Finance

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Division of Business and Finance

Division of Business and Finance

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I receive my mail?

All students receive their mail and packages at their campus mailbox. Mail delivery is Monday-Friday.

Where do I get my mailbox combination?

The Mailroom will issue combinations for all mailboxes at the service window (picture ID is required).

Where do I purchase postage?

You may purchase stamps, weigh your boxes and packages.

How do I send a package?

The Eckerd College Mailroom can send your package by US Mail, UPS or Fed-Ex.

How do I receive a package?

Packages are received by the Eckerd College mailroom and logged in. Check mail box for notification that your package has arrived. You must go the Mailroom with you student ID to pick up your package.

How do I change my address?

Each time you move, you must contact each person and business and provide your new address. It is your responsibility to contact your bank, Credit Card Company, church, family and friends with your new address.

Graduating Seniors

Upon graduating from Eckerd College, the Mailroom will forward your mail to your new address for a period of six months. Once the six months expire, your mail will be returned to sender. Please remember to put a forwarding address on ECWEB before you leave campus.

About the Business Office

The Division of Business and Finance is multifaceted and is comprised of functional areas consisting of Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Student Accounts, Bursar, Payroll Services, Budgets, Grants, Facilities, and Risk Management.