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Division of Business and Finance

Division of Business and Finance

Risk Management Best Practices

Foreign Travel Liability/Overseas Assistance Program

Recognizing that many of our students participate in international travel programs, we are pleased to offer this exceptional coverage for all students, faculty, staff, volunteers, alumni and their dependents while traveling to foreign countries in relation to curriculum or business. Details of this coverage can be found here. Identification cards and additional information is available in the Office of International Education (Ext. 8318).

Field Trip, Independent Study and Internships and Service Learning

Eckerd students have multiple opportunities to travel throughout the year, be it to surrounding areas of the greater Tampa Bay area or to foreign countries. These experiences allow for field work, independent studies, internships and service learning. To protect the students, faculty and staff during these excursions, the College has implemented numerous Policies that will assist in the safe travel and return of all who participate in exploration of themselves and our world. These policies can be found on the policies page. For questions that are not answered within these Policies, please contact Lisa Mets at 864-8221.

Certificates of Insurance

All outside vendors, contractors, and groups that are working on campus or utilizing campus facilities must provide Eckerd College with a Certificate of Insurance showing evidence of general liability coverage, workers compensation and, where applicable, automobile liability insurance. If a College department is asked to provide a Certificate of Insurance to an off-campus vendor or venue, please e-mail Lisa Mets (metsla@eckerd.edu) with 1) dates, description of event or activity, and coverage required and 2) complete mailing address and contact name, along with phone number and e-mail address for the company or venue. A Certificate will be generated electronically and e-mailed to the company or venue usually within 24 hours.

Automobile Claims

Every College owned, leased or rented vehicle has an accident reporting brochure and an insurance ID card with instructions on what the driver should do in case of an accident. Employees traveling on College business who lease a rental car should decline the additional insurance offered by car rental agencies (except when traveling outside the United States and Canada). Please refer to the official Vehicle Use Policy for more information.

Accident Reports

Any type of accident on campus, or an incident involving theft or property damage, should be report to Campus Safety at 727-864-8260. A copy of the Incident Report will be forwarded to numerous departments to determine whether a claim needs to be initiated.

Legal Issues

All subpoenas, claims, contracts and matters of a legal nature should be forwarded to the Vice President and Secretary of the College of the President's Office. The College's General Counsel provides guidance in these matters that are not of a routine nature.

Regulatory Compliance

Eckerd College uses an Environmental Management Information System (EMIS link).  All regulatory matters are tracked within the EMIS, including filings, training, licensing renewals and testing requirements reportable to all federal, state, county and local regulations, including but not limited to the EPA, FDEP, SWFMD and OSHA. 

The College has adopted numerous plans to ensure compliance in many areas of its operations. They include a Hazardous Waste Management Plan, a Biomedical Waste Operating Plan, a Spill Prevention, Control and Containment (SPCC) Plan and an Emergency Operations Plan.

About the Business Office

The Division of Business and Finance is multifaceted and is comprised of functional areas consisting of Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Student Accounts, Bursar, Payroll Services, Budgets, Grants, Facilities, and Risk Management.