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Division of Business and Finance

Division of Business and Finance

Eckerd College Insurance Program

Protecting College Assets

Eckerd College maintains various property and casualty insurance policies which provide coverage to employees for liability in the performance of their duties, for third-party injuries, and for property losses. The following information is provided as a reference for Eckerd College administrators, faculty and staff who may encounter risk management situations such as injuries or property damage, or who may have questions about exposures of the College to potential risk. This information describes administrative procedures for handling such incidents, and is intended to serve as guidelines for daily use.

The College purchases the following liability insurance policies:

  • General Liability
  • Educators' Legal Liability (Directors & Officers)
  • Foreign Travel Liability/Overseas Assistance Program
  • Auto Liability

Each of these policies includes Eckerd College employees as named insured while performing their job responsibilities both on and off campus.

The above policies also contain the following agreements:

  • Employees, as well as students, are responsible for insuring their personal belongings at all times.
  • Employees authorized to entertain in their personally owned or rented homes on behalf of Eckerd College are required to purchase homeowners insurance to protect themselves from claims arising from defects in their home.
  • Insurance law requires Eckerd College's auto liability insurance to be excess of any private auto insurance when a private vehicle is driven for Eckerd College business.
  • Any act committed or work performed that is prohibited by a federal, state or local law is not covered by insurance.

Liability Exposures

1. Liability Insurance

Eckerd College maintains general liability coverage that includes personal and advertising injuries, product liability, operations, bodily injury liability including athletic coverage, property damage liability, contractual liability (for oral or written contracts), host liquor law liability, corporal punishment liability, fire legal liability, employee benefit liability, excess coverage for professional health care liability, and watercraft liability.

2. Legal Liability Insurance (Directors and Officers)

Eckerd College maintains wrongful act coverage for the institution, trustees, directors, officers, administrators, faculty, student teachers, professional staff and volunteer workers or members of committees formed by the institution, all while acting within the scope of their duties on behalf of the institution.

3. Auto Liability Insurance

The College maintains commercial automobile liability coverage on College-owned or hired vehicles and physical damage coverage only on hired automobiles (rental cars). There is no insurance coverage for theft of personal items from the vehicle.

There is no College coverage of any kind for personal vehicles used by employees, students or volunteers. The only coverage available would be whatever personal coverage the owner of the vehicle carries.

Since the College maintains physical damage coverage on hired automobiles (rental cars), the College recommends that when leasing a car, you decline the collision damage and liability waiver, except when leasing in a foreign country. If travel outside the US, its Territories or Canada includes renting or leasing a vehicle, coverage must be purchased in the country where the vehicle will be operated. For additional guidelines to follow when leasing an automobile, please refer to the College's Vehicle Policy.

All students, faculty and staff must successfully complete the Alert Driving on-line safety course prior to driving a vehicle that is owned, leased or rented in the name of Eckerd College. Please see the Vehicle Policy for more details or contact the Risk Manager on Ext. 8311.

Property and Equipment

1. Coverage
Eckerd College maintains broad form property coverage ("all risks"). This coverage includes protection against any type of direct physical loss or damage, subject to certain exclusions specified in the policy. This coverage has a $10,000 deductible, which means the College self-insures for all losses less than the deductible amount. The College takes no responsibility for the loss of or damage to personal property of employees or students. It is expected that these items are insured through the individual's home insurance policy.

This insurance does not cover personal property owned by faculty, staff, students and others on campus unless the loss or damage is caused by the negligence of the College and involves a larger loss affecting College owned property. The insurance also does not cover personal property of faculty, staff and students while traveling (including property in vehicles). Each year, students should make sure that their belongings are covered under their parent's homeowner's insurer or on a separate basis under a "renter" or "tenants" homeowner's policy. Such policies will provide insurance for damage to personal property as well as liability insurance.

Faculty and staff should also purchase homeowners insurance, instructing their agent to properly endorse the coverage for their personal property, computers and fine arts while located on campus.

2. Electronic (Microcomputer) Equipment
All electronic data processing equipment listed on the fixed asset inventory system is insured against all risks of direct physical loss or damage. This includes software and off-campus equipment being used for official College business.

3. Exhibitions
Eckerd College maintains coverage against risks of physical loss or damage to property in the care, custody, or control of the College for exhibitions that are brought to the campus. With proper department approval and notification, exhibitions can be insured. Please see the Eckerd College Arts Exhibit Policy.

Both the exhibitor and the sponsoring department share the responsibility of taking adequate security measures when displaying works of art. It is the sponsoring department's responsibility to be familiar with the terms for security included in the exhibitor's contract. The department should advise the exhibitor of any potential risk in displaying works of art in open, unmonitored areas. It is extremely important to furnish the Risk Manager with a complete list of the works of art to be exhibited and insured.

4. Fine Arts
Eckerd College maintains coverage on all fine arts articles owned by the College or others that are in the care, custody or control of the College. The coverage provides against direct physical loss and newly acquired property.

Coverage extends only to those items listed in the fixed asset inventory system. All items on loan must be on the inventory system. It is very important to report the work of art to Risk Manager, along with current valuation data; otherwise, the loss will be covered under general property and at a much lower reimbursement scale.

5. Musical Instruments
Eckerd College maintains coverage on all musical instruments owned by the College or others that are in the care, custody or control of the College. The coverage provides against direct physical loss.

Coverage extends only to those items listed in the fixed asset inventory system. All instruments on loan must be on the inventory system. It is very important to report the musical instruments to the Risk Manager; otherwise, the loss will be covered under general property and at a lower reimbursement scale.

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