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Many Experiences

Latest NewsThere is an extraordinary spirit about this place.

It is that indefinable ethos created by more than 50 years of Florida Presbyterian/Eckerd College’s exuberant, sometimes revolutionary and always challenging founders, alumni, parents, faculty, students, staff and friends who have joined our community since 1958. Each has a unique experience here, but as often happens with special places like Eckerd College, there is a tie that binds them all. Like tiles in a mosaic, their experiences, antics and tales create a portrait of our history and a roadmap to our future. We have celebrated and fostered this intrepid spirit in and out of the classroom, on the sand and water, through our mentoring and caring. The spirit of this place is the soul of the Eckerd experience.

President Donald R. Eastman IIITo perpetuate this legacy and continue to offer the top-notch academic and enrichment programs that will prepare students for success in this complex, ever-evolving world, we have come together to expand our facilities, enhance our curriculum and grow the College's endowment while at the same time continuing annual operating support. The Many Experiences, One Spirit Campaign, launched in November 2008 with a goal of $80 million, closed June 30, 2011, and raised $82.7 million! This Campaign provided an opportunity for thousands of Eckerd College supporters to come together to provide the resources that will give generations of students the fortitude to face life's challenges and bring about positive change in our world.

Truer of Eckerd than any other place I know, what you leave behind -- that part of you that enhances the spirit of this place -- is as meaningful as what you take away. This Campaign was an opportunity for the entire Eckerd community to unite and leave something more behind to further enrich the indomitable spirit of Eckerd College for the next 50 years and beyond.

Donald R. Eastman III