Endowed Professorships

The Christian Nielsen Endowed Professorship in Film Studies

The Christian Nielsen Professorship in Film StudiesEstablished with a gift from Mr. Helmar Nielsen, a member of the Eckerd College Board of Trustees since 1994, the Christian Nielsen Professorship in Film Studies was funded in honor of Mr. Christian Nielsen, Trustee Nielsen's late brother.

"Film in the 20th and early 21st centuries speaks to and shows in a unique way the condition of our time and our lives," Mr. Nielsen said. "Film may indeed be the most vibrant and prophetic of the arts of this time and place. I am pleased to help fund this professorship."

Eckerd College is no stranger to the world of film. Eckerd College has established itself in the Tampa Bay area as a venue for showing thoughtful and provocative films during the Friday night International Cinema Series and the annual Environmental Film Festival shown each February.

The Nielsen Professorship will allow Eckerd to add a Film Studies major to its curriculum. In addition, it will act as a bridge between Film Studies students interested in theory and Interdisciplinary Arts students interested in acting, directing or photography. "It is altogether fitting that students who benefit from a superior education in the liberal arts at Eckerd should be able to apply their knowledge, values and character to Film Studies," Mr. Nielsen said.

Mr. Nielsen, a retired executive and entrepreneur, is an active member of the College community through his involvement as a Trustee and as a member of the Academy of Senior Professionals at Eckerd College since 2003. His commitment to Eckerd is also visible through the many committees on which he serves and his keen interest in Eckerd's Center for Spiritual Life Burchenal Lecture Series. Mr. Nielsen received his B.A. from Bucknell University, his J.D. from Boston University, and engaged in graduate work in Philosophy at The John Hopkins University.

"Helmar Nielsen is a renaissance man who engages himself in the daily life of Eckerd," President Donald R. Eastman III has said. "We are grateful for Helmar's support and his commitment to help strengthen the College's academic program. We look forward to filling this professorship."