Eckerd College Friends of the Arts

2011-12 Creative Arts Calendar of Events

Fostering the Creative Process

Eckerd College Friends of the Arts is a donor-supported organization that:

  • Informs and energizes audiences for the Arts at the College.
  • Strengthens the bonds between the College, the Tampa Bay community and Eckerd alumni around the globe.
  • Ignites passion in developing artists.
  • Supports the College's efforts to provide superior opportunities for students to grow and learn in an environment of uncompromised artistic integrity and academic freedom.

Strongly rooted in the College's mission to enrich mind, body and spirit, Friends of the Arts is dedicated to increasing visibility and support of the Arts at Eckerd College.

Setting this organization apart are the opportunities for members to interact with Eckerd students of various majors and from different parts of the world who are exploring the creative process and finding their own voices within the creative arts. In the words of Professor of Visual Arts Arthur Skinner, who has taught at Eckerd since 1976, "Art itself can change and enrich lives, whether or not one pursues a career in art."

Privileges of Membership

All members of the Friends of the Arts will receive:

  • Free tickets to and/or reserved seating at events designated for "Friends of the Arts," including theatre and music performances, poetry readings, and various professional exhibitions and performances hosted on campus.
  • Invitations to special receptions associated with campus events, including student visual arts exhibitions.
  • Recognition as a member in publications, including the College's Web site and the annual Report to Donors.
  • Copies of creative arts publications.

For more information about Eckerd College Friends of the Arts and to receive a membership form, please contact Jenna Pac at 727-864-7713 or

The Creative Arts at Eckerd College

The Creative Arts Collegium faculty is dedicated to promoting the development of creativity in each person and the integration of the intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions of the self. Sharing a belief in the value of experiential learning, members of the Collegium recognize that students learn as much through experiencing the creative process as in the completion of a project. Programs include art, music, theatre, creative writing, interdisciplinary arts, human development and communication—all of which encourage students of any academic major to explore and express their talents within the context of freedom with responsibility. We seek to raise each student's awareness of his or her own creative potential. A number of our alumni have achieved distinguished careers in fields as richly varied as opera, writing, teaching, performance, marketing, social work, visual arts, design, architecture, editing, communication and arts administration.