Chairman of the Board of Trustees Miles C. Collier

GO Pavilion
Friday, October 14, 2011

This is certainly an evening to remember and cherish. Why, it was only a brief 10 years ago that we kicked off this Campaign! Well, it feels that way. Make no mistake: This was a major feat. It took literally a hundred thousand gifts - by trustees, alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and friends - to get the Campaign done.

This Campaign was transformative. I think, without exaggeration, the accomplishment of this goal will be seen in the future as one of the critical junctions in the trajectory of Eckerd College. Those of us with a long association with Eckerd College have a true perspective on the unprecedented growth and accelerating prosperity achieved over the last 10 years.

The resources made available to Eckerd College’s mission will supercharge that growth and prosperity. As we gather here together this evening, and as I look around, I am filled with pride and satisfaction at being a part of this community of generous, thoughtful and enthusiastic people who have made Eckerd not only a philanthropic priority, but also a personal one. Whether trustee, alumnus, parent, faculty, staff or friend of the College, we are all Eckerd alums now.

As this celebration comes to a close this evening, I am aware not only of what we have accomplished together but what this evening promises for Eckerd College’s future. As success breeds success, I am motivated - and I hope you are too - to push forward, to do more. So, take the rest of the evening off, tomorrow we resume our work.

The evening we are enjoying is as much a celebration as it is a call to action. I hope you will join me in the continuing good work supporting this great College, born of belief, commitment and sandspurs.

Thank you all for bringing Eckerd College to this point. I welcome you as a big part of our bright future.