Donor List

$5,000 - $9,999

Bold indicates members of the Science Fellows.

3M Foundation, Inc.
Dr. Bette J. Ackerman '73
Mr. and Mrs. Keith E. Adams (P '09)
Dr. and Mrs. Max D. Adams
Peggy Herbert Allum '71
Mr. Phillip and Ms. Elizabeth Jobes Alston '71
Drs. Peter and Mary-Linda Armacost (P '81)
Dr. and Mrs. Marvin C. Atkins
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Atwell
Ms. Alona C. Ayer-Ziegler '03
Dr. Claire Baker
Mr. and Mrs. George J. Baxter
BCH Mechanical Incorporated
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Beattie (P '09)
Ken and Katie Berger '72, '73

Mr. Clark G. Boyce (P '08)
Dr. and Mrs. William Guy Bradley '85 (P '97, '98)
Dr. Kristen L. Brauer '95

Ms. Mary Alice Braukman
Dr. and Mrs. Eddy Burns
Danielle L. Staker and Erik C. Calhoun '95, '92
Mr. Michael Cao '95
Mr. W. Wendell and Mrs. Bilee K. Cauley '72, '72
Edward and Joan Cavazuti (P '04)
Ms. Mallory J. Bassett '03 and Mr. Matthew C. Ciccotelli '04
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Cinnamon (P '12)
Ms. Theresa L. Collins '03
Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro
Dr. David O. Conover '75
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Corcoran
Dr. James R. Corte '92
Dr. and Mrs. Claude Corty
Loretta M. and Kevin M. Coughlin
Mr. Jeffrey D. Cramer '69
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Crane
Ms. Tracy Crow '02
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Curley Jr. '73
Mr. Patrick Dalsemer
Mr. Eugene J. Dean III '98
Dr. and Mrs. Dudley Degroot (P '74)
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Dodge '84
Dolby Laboratories Educational Program
Dow Chemical Company
Dr. Harry W. Ellis (P '11)
Ms. Maureen D. Eppley '98
Esurance, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Davis Farmer (P '08)
Mr. Brian S. Feil '03

Ms. Diane L. Ferris '86
Ms. Roselle B. Fine
First Presbyterian Church of Naples
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Fontana
Mr. Oliver L. Formato '98
Mr. and Mrs. Frank X. Fox IV
Florida Power & Light Group Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Frazier (P '12)
Ms. Babette B. Fromme (GP '93, '98)*
Dr. and Mrs. Edmund L. Gallizzi
Mr. Russell W. and Mrs. Kathy E. Gehman '92, '92
General Dynamics
Dr. David and Ms. Valerie M. Gliem
Godbold Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Francis S. Godbold
Dr. Jo Shapiro and Dr. Peter Goldbach (P '08)
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Laura Grimm '66, '68,
Ms. Barbara L. Grove (GP '13)
Dr. David D. Grove (P '13)
Mr. Robert P. Grove

Ms. M. Elaine Hall and LTC J. Keith Baker '75, '77
Dr. Richard L. Hall '66
Dr. and Mrs. Francis E. Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Harrington '07
Dr. M. Suzan Harrison '78
Mr. Andrew H. Hines Jr.*
Ms. Ruth E.M. Hornseth '74
Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Hubbard*
Dr. Diana L. Huestis '03
Humana Health Care Plans
Dr. Heather Wicke and Mr. Robert Hurley (P '11)
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Imparato
J & J Metal Fabricators, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin J. Jacobson
Mr. Dale W. Jeffers '92*
Mr. and Mrs. Fred E. Jennings (P '10)
Dr. Harold and Mrs. Sherri Johnson '89, '90
Mr. and Mrs. Summerfield K. Johnston III '77*
Ms. Susan C. Joy (P '10)
Ms. Joan R. Karins
Rev. Susan Dobbs Key '84
Mr. and Mrs. Peter T. Kirkwood '75
Mr. Alfred A. Krasowski Jr. (P '98)
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Kulla
Sir Eddie Kulukundis*
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Kyle (P '11)
Dr. Lorna Fountain Lainey '00

Mr. T. H. Lang (P '08)
Dr. and Mrs. Walter P. Lapatovich (P '09, '09)
Mr. and Mrs. Lesslie W. Lee Sr. (GP '10, '13)
Pearl Lee Trust Fund
Dr. Eric J. Lehr '97
Dr. Elizabeth C. Lense '84

Ms. Carole Jean Levens
Leyman Foundation
Liggett Family Charitable Lead Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Liggett (P '13)
Mr. John R. Lillibridge Jr.
Lincoln Construction Incorporated
Lincoln Financial Group
Dr. Ilda L. Littell
Mr. and Mrs. Nimrod Long (P '10)
Mr. Eric P. Lundin '84
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome D. Luntz
Mr. and Mrs. Loring C. Lynch (P '04)
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. MacDougald II '03
Bill and Wendy Maddox (P '84, '90)
Dr. and Mrs. John C. Magdsick '72
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Mageras Jr. '96
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Mason (P '11)
Mr. Alfred T. May 

Ms. Mary Shaw May
Mr. and Mrs. Gabriele Mazza '68
Dr. William and Mrs. Eileen McCarron '73
Mr. Dennis G. and Mrs. Sarah B. McCarthy '72
Dr. Jack and Mrs. Sharon McGuire '67, '68
Mr. and Mrs. John E. McHenry (P '02)
Dr. and Mrs. George Meese (P '02)
Dr. Gretchen Meinke '84
Merck Company Foundation
David Merrill '91
Dr. Peter A. Meylan
Ms. Elizabeth Baergen and Rev. John Mishler '72, '73
Mr. and Mrs. Brett Moore (P '13)
Dr. Steven W. and Mrs. Alice T. Morgan '69, '71 (P '02)
Mr. Leland M. Morris '78
Ms. Norma B. Morris '65 (GP '04)*
Dr. Karin Musier-Forsyth '84
Mr. Steven D. Nadel '92
Mr. Timothy Nash and Dr. Susan A. Slaugenhaupt '85
Mr. Todd A. Nicolet '95
Dr. and Mrs. Richard G. Norenberg
Norman M. Morris Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Nunneley (P '12)
Nuveen Investments
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Oddo (P '09)
Mr. Paul W. Olson (P '14)
Mr. and Mrs. C. Peter Paterno '84
Mr. Joseph C. Patty Jr.
Peace River Presbytery
Mr. William and Mrs. Sarah "Leslie" Pearson (P '13)
Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Pedone (P '09, '12)
Drs. Cara and Bradford Pendley '87

Dr. and Mrs. James W. Penuel '73
Mr. Walter S. Pharr Jr. '71
Dr. Grace Lager and Mr. Michael Pierro '97, '95
Ms. Kristina McLean and Mr. Glenn W. Piersall '89
Mr. John M. Pollock '90
Mr. and Mrs. John N. Poole '82
Mr. and Mrs. Esteban J. Prellezo (P '09)
Presbytery of St. Augustine
Prime, Bucholz & Associates Incorporated
Ms. Alizza Punzalan
Putnam Investments
Dr. Michael Quigley '03
Rally Stores, Inc.
Mr. Brett Ramsay '82
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Ranson '69
Drs. Julie A. Weisberg and Howard D. Rees III '68
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley M. Reimer

Ms. Brenda Bevan Remmes '69
Brig. Gen. and Mrs. John Reppert (P '95)
The William D. Rhodes Foundation
Ms. Margaret Costa-Ricciardi and Dr. Dan Ricciardi (P '11)
Mrs. C. Theodore Ripberger (P '65)
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Roberts (P '01)
Dr. and Mrs. Ranieri Rocchi
Mr. T. Marshall Rousseau
Dr. Edwin and Mrs. Sharon Rugg '71, '70
Ms. Virginia Read Rydberg*
Mr. Robert Sanderson
Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Sauer (P '94)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Savoie Sr. (P '14)
Mr. Mark D. Scheidter and Mrs. Julie Scheidter
Dr. Raymond and Mrs. Sarah Schmidt '64, '65
Dr. Eric W. Schrimshaw '96
Schumann Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Schumann
Ms. Betsy L. Schwebel
Dr. and Mrs. Hal Serrie
Shaw Contract Flooring Services Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Shonter Jr.
Ms. Marguerite A. Siebert
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip B. Silverman (P '11)
Mr. David Simon
Ms. Nancy K. Simpkins (P '09)
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene W. Skluzacek
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sosnowski (P '13)
Dr. and Mrs. Frank J. Spalitto (P '94)
Mr. James A. Sprigg Jr. '91

Mr. Terry Huffman and Ms. Elithia V. Stanfield '74
Mr. Joseph Mellichamp and Judge Barbara J. Staros '74
Stately Contractors, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Gus A. Stavros
Dr. Betty and Mr. Robert Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Stoffels
Mr. George N. Strus '93
Mr. S. Donald Sussman
Swan Landing Development LLC
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Swan (P '08)
Tampa Bay Imaging, LLC
TarHeel Roofing Incorporated
The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region
The Frank E. Duckwall Foundation
Thompson Goodis Thompson Groseclose & Richardson, PA
Mr. Merwin and Mrs. Tonyia (Hucks) Todd '69
Mr. and Mrs. Scott J. Toth '92
Samuel Townsend Trust
Mrs. Catherine and Dr. Alexander R. Trouteaud '00, '01
The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust
UBS Global Asset Management
Dr. Stephen A. Updegraff '84
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Wallace
Messrs. Chet Creacy and Eric W. Wallens '79
Mr. and Mrs. Linton S. Weeks (P '11)
Mr. Frank M. Wells III '96
Ms. Caroline D. Westhaeffer '71
Mr. Robert E. Whalen II and Ms. Anna Ho P '13
Dr. Patrick and Mrs. Laura Wheaton '94
Dr. Christie L. Wheeler '89
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley P. Whitcomb Jr.
Ms. Katherine S. White (P '07)
Mr. and Mrs. William B. White (GP '08)
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Whitman (P '12)
Dr. William C. Wilbur Jr.
Mrs. Teri Lee (Troxler) and Mr. Jeffrey H. Willis '78, '71
Mr. Charles Witzleben
Mr. Thomas A. Wood '02

Ms. Donna Lee Yesner (P '14)
Ms. Sandra C. Zimmer '80
Ms. Radhika Nagpal and Mr. Quinton Y. Zondervan '92