Donor List

$1,000 - $4,999

Mr. Nasir and Mrs. Christina Abbasi '89, '91
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Acebes (P '08)
Achieva Credit Union
Ms. Heather B. Adams '97
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Adams
Dr. Vicki (Millard) Adams '67
ADS Services, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Agress (P '11)
Drs. David Albin and Claudette McKenzie-Albin (P '11)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Albury '09
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey H. Alderton (P '11)
All Florida Orthopaedics
Mr. Harry L. Allan IV
H. E. "Bud" Allen
Dr. John B. Allwein
AmSouth Bank Corporation Foundation
Ms. Phyllis J. Andrews-Ott '65
Mr. Kenneth Anthony '72
Applied Simulation Corporation
Ms. Luz Arcila
Mr. Lewis R. Armstrong (P '08)
Dr. Marigene Arnold '68
Mr. Michael P. Auger '90
Axletree Media
Drs. Ellen (Hedrick) and Thomas Bacon '66, '66
Ms. Gala L. Badgley (P '98)
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Badoyen (P '08)
Mr. Jonathan E. and Ms. Pamela J. Baker '91, '93
Mr. and Mrs. William Baker
Dr. Susan (Easterberg) Balogh '67
Dr. Joanne T. Banks*
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Stephen Barber (P '11)
Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Baughan '88
Bayshore Mortgage, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Beam
Mr. and Mrs. James Wilson Beaty Jr. (P '12)
Dr. and Mrs. George Beckman
Mr. Christopher H. Bell '92
Dr. and Mrs. Leon Bell (P '11)
Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Bell (P '14)
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Benjamin
Ms. Simone Bennett '08
Ms. Kristin O'Keeffe and Mr. Philip Bensen (P '08)
Drs. Suzanne (Sellers) and Ernest Bentley '68, '68
Bentzel Mechanical, Inc.
Mr. John M. Benziger and Ms. Elizabeth L. Young (P '14)
Mr. Jeffrey and Ms. Tracy (Idocks) Berg '97, '99
Mr. and Mrs. Ennius E. Bergsma (P '13)
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Bernfeld (P '13)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael O. Bice
Mrs. Barbara (Cozad) and Mr. Alan Biddle '71, '71
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bielik (P '11)
Black & Veatch
Dr. Norman J. and Mrs. Virginia Blake '66, '66
Mr. Alan R. Blessing '71
Ms. Mary E. Block
Mr. E. Martin Bloom '77
Bluewater Subs
Ms. Autumn P. Blum '97
Bob Knight Photo
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Bode '74
Bon Appetit Management Co., Inc.
Mr. Garrett R. Bowden '73
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. J. Bowen '90
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Bowman Sr. (P '13)
Mr. Todd Bowman '85
Dr. David P. Boyle '69
Dr. Douglas L. Boynton '79
Dr. Kathleen Boynton-Cutler '78
Ms. Mary Frank-Bozzelli and Mr. Valentino Bozzelli (P '09)
Mr. and Mrs. Alan S. Braithwaite '79
Ms. D. Diane Bray*
Ms. Ingrid Bredenberg '70
Ms. Colleen A. Brennan '92
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence E. Brett '96
Rev. Harold M. Brockus (P '85)
Mr. Eric C. Broege and Ms. Carolyn Kemp (P '14)
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Brombacher (P '09)
Dr. and Mrs. Gregg R. Brooks
Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Brophy (P '13)
Dr. Mildred Harley Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Hal Brownfield (P '11)
Mr. and Mrs. Keith N. Browning (P '10)
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Brunello
Ms. Christy J. Brush '96
Mr. and Mrs. Darryl A. Buckingham (P '07)
Mr. Rogers Caldwell Buntin II '13
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Burke (P '08)
Mr. Harry Burnstine (P '97)
Mrs. Julie and Mr. Henry B. Burroughs III '03, '02
Ms. Melissa Lane Burtless '00
Mr. Stephen W. Busbee
Mr. William A. Buttner
Dr. Joy M. Byrd '82
Mr. Ronald N. and Mrs. Dell Marie Byrd '68, '68
Mr. and Mrs. Dale C. Byrne
Ms. Christa E. Calamas '93
Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Cameron (P '10)
Mrs. Ashley (Meredith) and Mr. Dominic M. Campanella '01, '98
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Campbell (P '11)
Mr. Charles Candler IV '75
Canerday, Belfsky & Arroyo Architects Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Gaston I. Cantens (P '09)
Ms. Connie A. Capco '93
Ms. Elaine Y. Capobianco '83
Mrs. Tracy (Rathmell) and Mr. Kevin Carathanasis '92, '90
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Carlson (P '11)
Dr. D. Bruce Carter '74
Dr. and Mrs. Fred S. Carter**
Drs. Nancy and A. Howard Nancy Carter '64
Mr. Christopher R. Casey '93
Ms. Ronda M. Castleberry '74
Ms. Lynn Ferry Caswell '71
Centermass Strategies Inc
Central Glass & Window
Mr. Mark Chapman
Ms. Marcia A. Charest '00
Drs. Andrew and Loretta Chau
Mr. Zufa Chen '99
Dr. Carissa (Fibrandt) Childs '99
Mr. Joseph A. Cipriano '75
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Clappier (P '11)
M.S. Clark
Mr. Malcolm S. Clark
Dr. Maureen E. Clayton '90
Clearwater Invitational
Mr. John Clough
Mr. William L. Cobb '65
Ms. Alice Coffey '98
Dr. Carol (Kincaid) Colton '68
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher E. Connors '97
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Conrath P '06
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Conway (P '11)
Mr. Jay Robert and Mrs. Elizabeth W. Cook '66, '65
Ms. Patricia Cooksey-Fisher '97
Revs. William and Jean Cooley '68, '68
Ms. Margaret Cooley
Dr. and Mrs. Raymond D. Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Copeland III '90
Copperhead Charities, Inc.
Ms. Betsey Howe Cornwell '77
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Cortese
Mrs. Dana (Everett) and Rev.David B. Cozad '69, '68
Mr. Donald Crane Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Bragg Crane
Capt. Morgan H. Crawford '00
Ms. Hazel D. Creveling '90
Mr. William J. Crombie '87
Mr. and Mrs. Clark Cunningham (P '14)
Ms. Tracey M. Curl '00
Ms. Michelle P. Curtis
Mrs. Beatriz and Dr. Nicholas M. Dale '68
Dallas 1 Corporation
Dr. and Mrs. Philip Davidson
Dr. Delores M. Davis '77
Dr. Mark H. Davis
Mr. Mark O. Dawson and Ms. Doreen Munger-Dawson (P '14)
Mr. Roger B. Day and Ms. Joan E. More '72
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Deal
DeBartolo Family Foundation
Dr. Kelly and Mr. Olivier Debure
Mr. Frank DeCicco
Mr. and Mrs. Alain G. De Coster (P '10)
Deeb & Brainard, P.A.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Degnan III (P '04)
Mr. Scott M. Deitche '94
Ms. Laurene (Petruff) Delimon '80
Mr. William DeMambro
Mr. Patrick S. DeMay '07
Dr. Jane Crosson and Mr. Michael Dennis '78, '77
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Deutsch (P '11)
Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation
Deutsche Bank, A/P
Dr. Elizabeth A. Dickson '68
Mr. Dan R. Dierks '76
Ms. Eleanor S. Dietrich '65
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry J. Dipert
Ms. Andrea S. Dixon '99
Mr. Jeremy L. Dobes '02
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Dolan (P '09)
Dr. Carrie McDonald and Mr. Michael Dorris '97, '95
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Douglass
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Duff
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Dugan (P '07)
Ms. Karen E. Duke '88
Mr. Mark S. Dunkley '99
Mr. Hank Dunlap and Dr. Karen Brown Dunlap
Mr. and Mrs. Russell E. Eitel (P '11)
Mrs. Dawn (Regan) and Mr. Mal Ellenburg '86, '90
Ms. C. Chapin Ellinger '94
Dr. Mimi (Milner) Elrod '66
Dr. Julienne H. Empric
Janice Kelly Memorial Foundation
Dr. David L. Eng-Wilmot '69
Ms. Helen E. Ensign '79
Mr. Donald J. Erdman '84
Ms. Aila Erman
Ms. Patricia A. Eshleman '86
Drs. George and Candace Estill (P '09)
Ms. Jane A. Evans '83
Ms. Julie M. Evans '92
Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Evans (P '13)
Event Photography Group
Executive Imaging Systems of Florida
Dr. Kimberly E. Fagen '92
Mr. David A. Faloni Jr. '89
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene R. Fappiano (P '99)
Ms. Nicole (St. Hilaire) Fares '00
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon R. Farnsworth
Dr. Douglas R. Farrow '69
Mr. and Mrs. Terrell D. Faulkenberry (P '09)
Ms. Sonja Felton
Fernald Construction Company, Inc.
Ferris, Baker Watts, Inc.
Ms. Taryn D. Fielder '99
First Presbyterian Church of Pompano Beach
Ms. Gail Fiske
Mr. John M. and Mrs. Celia Fite '68, '70
Dr. Denise B. and Mr. Dennis Flaherty
Mr. Tim and Mrs. Virginia Flanagan '02 (P '05, '07)
SG Americas Securities, LLC
Ms. Joy M. Fogg-Reynolds '75
Foley & Lardner
Dr. Deborah Foreman-Takano '71
Mr. Randolph M. Forlenza '70
Ms. Rebecca C. Forman '85
Mr. Kenneth Murray Fournie '89
Ms. Joyce Fowler (P '11)
Dr. and Mrs. James E. Frasier
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Free '94
Ms. Nancy J. Freeman '71
Mr. Harold C. Freundt Estate
Dr. and Mrs. Ben Friedman
Friends of the Library of Tampa-Hillsborough County, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. David Frutko (P '09)
Dr. Diana L. Fuguitt '76
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Funk (P '06)
The Honorable and Mrs. James L. Gale '69
Dr. Ryan Gale
Mr. Michael J. Gallagher '03
Mr. and Mrs. William Gamble (P '08)
Mrs. Leandra (Simpson) and Dr. Eric W. Ganko '98, '98
Ms. Jennifer Schaer and Mr. Ravi Garg (P '08)
Mr. Josh Garrido
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Geegan (P '10)
Mr. Alan Geller (P '10)
Mr. and Mrs. George Geoghegan III (P '98)
Mr. Drew D. Getsinger '08
Mr. Fabio S. Gheilerman '94
Ms. Perri L. Giafaglione '01
Dr. Cari (Gibbs) Dakin '94
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Gibson (P '09)
Mrs. Meredith (Miller) and Dr. Richard P. Gildrie '66, '66
Mr. Vince Gill and Ms. Amy Grant Gill (P '12)
Ms. G. Ann Gilsdorf '91
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Anne A. Givens '72 (P '99)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Glassey '95
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Glisan (P '14)
Mr. Andy Glynn '04
Mr. Tyler G. Godshall '80
Mr. Kenneth Goebel (P '15)
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron J. Gold
Ms. Laura Mae (Pruett) Gold '73
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Goldberg
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Goldner
Jeannette and Jerry Goldstone (P '98)
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Golovkin (P '10)
Mr. Andrew C. Goresh (P '03)
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Gove (P '09)
Grace Presbyterian Church - Spring Hill
Grady Pridgen, Inc.
Mr. Fielding L. Grasty '91
Rev. and Mrs. Stephen E. Graves '75 (P '92, '07)
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Gray '84
Mr. and Mrs. Alden J. Green (P '94, '96)
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Green (P '11)
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Green
Dr. Melanie C. Green '94
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Rita Greenbaum '07
Ms. Jennifer J. Griffith '94
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Griffith P '13
Dr. Catherine M. Griggs
Mr. Steven L. and Mrs. Sandra M. Grimes '86, '84
Griner Engineering, Inc.
Ms. Patricia Ann Grubb
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Grunska (P '96)
Ms. Cherie S. Guerrant '00
Gulf Beaches Rotary
Gulf Coast Juniors Volleyball Club, Inc.
Mr. John Hackett (P '13)
Mr. and Mrs. Don Hahl (P '12)
Dr. Margie A. Hale '73
Ms. Deborah J. Hall '03
Ms. Cynthia Freitag-Hall and Mr. Douglas Hall (P '11)
Ms. Margaret (Rudel) Hall '66*
Ms. Mary Lee Hall '71
Mr. James Mac Dougall and Ms. Rosemary Hanes '72
Mr. John H. Hankinson Jr. '70
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Harley
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Harper (P '11)
Jack and Nancy Harper (P '01)
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Hart
Ms. Karen L. Haskew '85
Louise K. Haslett (P '05)
Mr. Gregory D. Hatfield '87
Ms. Denise J. Hawks '95
Mr. Andrew M. Hayes
Rev. William G. Heck '64
Mr. and Mrs. Gustav W. Hedlund (P '08)
Ms. Marcia Helton-McCartt '88
Dr. Michael F. Hembree '72
Mr. David R. Hemstreet '67
Ms. Jessie Ann Hendley '64
Mrs. Virginia (Disharoon) and Dr. Leonard Henry III '64, '64
Dr. Nancy G. Herbert '74
Mr. Charles and Rev. Lynda Hergenrather '70
Mr. Roberto Hernandez
Ms. Lori Lee (Tyler) Heslep '83
Mr. William E. Hewes
Mr. Joseph D. Hickey '96
Rev. Jennifer N. Hill '98
Dr. Tessa M. Hill '99
Ms. Thirza A. Hill '97
Dr. and Mrs. Royce Hobby
Ms. Winifred S. Hodgson
Dr. Joan O. Hoffman (GP '10)
Dr. Paul and Mrs. Barbara Hoffman '64, '65 (P '92)
Mr. Walter Wm. Hofheinz '75
Mrs. Catharine (Gosslin) and Mr. Mark Hohmeister '74, '74
Ms. Sally Holcomb (P '04)
Ms. Carol W. Holland
Ms. Sandi C. Holtzclaw '89
Mr. James M. Holway '90
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Honsinger (P '98)
Mrs. Karen (Krause) and Mr. Paul F. Honsinger '00, '98
Mr. Edward Tucker Horne '72
Ms. Carolyn (Hall) Horton '64
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Hotchkiss
Mrs. Mary Dee (Walker) and Mr. H. Thompson Houchins Jr. '65, '64 (P ' 92)
Mr. Scott Wagman and Ms. Beth Anne Houghton (P '02)
Mr. Jerry House
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Hovis Jr. '76
Ms. F. Catherine Hovis
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Howard (P '10)
Dr. Mary J. Howes '75
Miss Jean C. Hoyt
Mr. Mark R. Huffman '82
Mr. Martin Jernigan and Dr. Janice K. Hunter '68
Rev. Jeannie M. Hunter '01
Dr. James M. and Mrs. Suzanne L. Hurst '68
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Huss '64
Ms. Deirdre Jameson and Mr. Charles Huzenis (P '10)
Mr. Ronald W. Hyatt '97
Indian Springs Marina, Inc.
Ms. Brandy V. Ingram '03
Mr. and Mrs. Keith W. Irwin (P '69, '71)*
Dr. Leland J. Irwin '71
ITG Incorporated
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Ives
J & K Electric Incorporated
Dr. Phyllisee F. Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Jacobsen '73
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Jacobson '03 (P '96)
Dr. Sharon B. Jaggard
Mr. David M. Janes '96
JCH Family Trust
Ms. Letitia A. Jensen '70
Mr. and Mrs. Scott T. Johni '89
Mr. Kraig Nelson Johnson '81
Dr. Robert W. Johnson II '68
Johnson-Henrich Memorial Fund
Paul and Angie Jones '12 (P '12)
Ms. Beverly M. Jones '65
Mr. Christopher W. Jones '03
Dr. James L. Jones '74
Ms. Berri (McGruder) Jordan '74
Mr. and Mrs. William Junkin III
Mr. and Mrs. Henry P. Kalapaca
Ms. Nancy Blagg Kalinowski '74
Ms. Terrilou Hansen and Mr. Richard M. Kaudy (P '12)
Laura and Martin Keane '83
Mr. and Mrs. James Michael Keenan (P '12)
Ms. Cecilia E. Keeton
Mr. Carl Andrew Keil '06
Mr. Christopher W. Kelley '90
Mr. William Kellow
Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Keltner (P '89)
Mr. Howard Kennedy '64
Ms. Tanner L. Kennedy
Mr. Terrence and Dr. Kathleen Kennedy (P '00)
Dr. and Mrs. Allen Kent
Ms. Kelly D. Kerbs (P '13)
Ms. Heather L. Brooks '98
Ms. Xina Kingshill '77 

Knight Equity Markets, L.P.
Mr. Christopher A. Koelling '94
Mrs. Erin A. and Mr. Doug R. Koenig
Mr. William W. Kohr '73
Mr. and Mrs. William Kollock (P '90)
Mr. Michael J. Koryta
Mr. and Mrs. Harold G. Kotler (P '12)
Mrs. Leigh Andrews and Mr. Nicholas G. Kramarczuk '05, '05
Mr. David M. and Ms. Megan W. Kramer '98
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lamar
Mr. Bradford R. Lambert '86
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver M. Langenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Lantz (P '14)
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Laughlin
Law Offices of Sheri D. McWhorter, PA
Craig and Halcyon Learned '70, '70
Dr. and Mrs. Peter C. LeBourdais (P '10)
Mr. Joseph H. Lefebvre '79
Lewis and Pat Leibowitz (P '07)
Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Lemire (P '09)
Dr. Richard E. Lenholt Jr. '91
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Leonard (P '12)
Dr. and Mrs. Alvin S. Levine
Drs. James D. Levine and Edith E. Braun (P '14)
Mr. Alan R. and Mrs. Patsy E. Levitz '92, '90
Mr. Delmar S. Lewis '06
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Leyon
Ms. Lee F. Shaw and Mr. Dick S. Liao (P '10)
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Lindholm (P '07)
Dr. Kara J. Linna '92
Dr. Shawn E. Liston '98
Ms. Jaime L. Gremli Llovera
Mr. Frank M. Lorenzo Sr.
Mr. Frank M. Lorenzo
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Loveday
Mr. Cameron N. Lusty
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Lykens (P '08)
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Lynch (P '09)
Ms. Peggy O. and Mr. Terry Lynch (P '10)
Dr. James R. Maar '65
Mr. Arturo S. Macias
Dr. Polina B. Maciejczyk
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Victoria Hertwig '79
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. MacNary
Mr. Paul Carder and Ms. Jacqueline M. MacNeil
Ms. Faith Magoun
Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Mahaffey
Ms. Kimberley Majury Albanese '89
Mr. James J. Malandro (P '06)
Mr. Steve Malecki
Dr. Naveen and Mrs. Pamela D. Malhotra '89 (P '98, ' 13, '15)
Mr. and Mrs. David Mallery ('81)
Ms. Nancy McGregor and Mr. Neal Manne
Marciniak Detective Agency, Inc.
Mary Ann and Bruce Marger
Dr. Ralph J. Marino '78
Ms. Jane S. Markowitz
Marriott International, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Marshall
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Martins (P '13)
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Mathews Jr. '79
Dr. Holger Mauch
Mr. E. Fennel Mauldin Jr. '75
Dr. and Mrs. John E. Mayer Jr. (P '05)
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Mayfield (P '13)
Dr. Joan (Herbert) McCall '69
Mr. and Mrs. Albert G. McCauley
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey F. McCloud (P '14)
Mr. Joseph J. and Mrs. Catherine F. McCoy '71 (P '00)
Mr. Bruce W. McCulley '73
Mr. David G. McDonald '72
Dr. Patricia A. McDonald '69 (P '97)
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Phillips McDuffie (P '12)
Mr. Joseph McEwen
Mr. N. Lindsay McFadyen '69
Dr. and Mrs. Richard E. McFadyen '65
Ms. Josephine McFarlane (P '06)
Mr. and Mrs. Mark John McGaunn (P '12)
Anne and DeLoss McKnight III '80
Mr. Douglas S. McLeod '70
Mr. Rory F. McMahan III '93
Mr. and Mrs. Roy J. McMindes (P '98)
Ms. Mary Ann Bernat and Mr. William McMullen (P '12)
Ms. Lynne J. Meacham '70 (P '00)
Rev. Leah (Barnhart) Meador '68
Ms. Julie Palomaki Meadows '94
Ms. Meghan E. Meehan-Draper '10
Dr. and Mrs. Gary Meltzer
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Menna (P '08)
Ms. Hazel L. Metcalf
Ms. Deborah Del Nero Micallef '79
Judge and Mrs. Robert F. Michael
Ms. Stacy (Graham) Mignano '98
Miles Family Education Fund
Mr. William C. Miles
Mr. and Mrs. Howard R. Miller (P '05)
Dr. and Mrs. Hugh W. Miller Jr. (P '09)
Dr. Gus H. Miller
Ms. Kimberley Miller (P '13)
Ms. Patty Miller '88
Mr. and Mrs. Randall W. Minton (P '09)
Mr. Jeffrey P. Mirro '79
Mr. William A. Montgomery and Ms. Elizabeth A. Mallicote
Mr. and Mrs. Loren T. Moody '91
Mr. Michael D. Moomaw '72
Ms. Margaret W. Morris
Mr. Jeffrey B. Morrow '98
Ms. Alicia Kay Mosher
MRI Associates of St. Pete, Inc.
Ms. Beth A. Mueller '77
Mr. George C. Murphy (P '03)
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Nabers (P '90)
Mr. and Mrs. Jed M. Nadler (P '10)
Dr. Linda L. Nardone (P '07)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Neff Jr. (P '13)
Mr. and Mrs. Frank X. Nelson
Ms. Giselle Nevin-Porter '78
Mr. David S. Newton
Mr. David C. Nichols '67
Mrs. Lisa (Clements) and Mr. John F. Nichols '77, '75
Ms. Lenne Nicklaus-Ball (P '08)
Mr. and Mrs. Jules A. Nicolet (P '95)
Dr. Jane A. Nisbet (P '09)
Mr. Peter B. Nissen '83
Mr. Tom Handcock and Ms. Kyle S. Norberg
Ms. Angie Noronow
Mr. Andrew L. Norrell '74
Norris & Samon Pump Service Incorporated
Northwood Presbyterian Church
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Novick
Donna and Bill Oglesby
Mr. Erik C. Oliver '03
Mr. and Mrs. Keith J. Olsen (P '10)
Mr. David E. Oppenheimer
Ms. Margot M. Oppenheimer
Mr. David S. Ornstein '90
Mrs. Carolyn (Clark) and Mr. Philip N. Orr '72, '73
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan B. Ostroff '78
Ms. Jennifer Jones Otto '64
Mr. James R. Overdorf '82
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Owens (P '12)
Palm Harbor MRI
Mr. Jason B. Palmateer '92
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney L. Palmateer '69 (P '92)
Mr. Jeffrey L. Paonessa
Howard and Janet Passman '08
Mr. and Mrs. B.G. Patel (P '13)
Dr. Burton R. Patterson (P '09)
Ms. Lova M. Patterson '00
Ms. Elizabeth Pauchnik
Mrs. Barbara (Seifer) and Mr. Rodman O. Paul '71, '72
Paulien and Associates Incorporated
Mr. Michael A. Paulsmeyer '93
Mr. Scott R. Pavlica '02
Penrose & Mahaffey Charitable Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Pepi (P '12)
Mr. David Wells and Ms. Victoria A. Perk '92
Mr. Bill Perkins
Mr. J. Glenn Peters '72
Mr. Michael L. Pfeiffer '73
Mr. Olurotimi O. Phillips '04
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Phillips (P '12)
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Phillipson (P '07)
Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Pickard Jr. (P '13)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pickard (P '12)
Ms. Marcia Murto and Mr. Matthew Pickens '79, '80
Mr. Gregory M. Pike '92
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Polk
Ms. Bernadette A. Pomponio '93
Mr. Robert C. Powell III '75
Dr. and Mrs. Joel S. Prawer
Presbytery of Florida
Presbytery of Tropical Florida
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Preston (P '08)
Mr. Ross D. Preville
Dr. Erin Murley and Dr. Reuben Pribble '89, '89
Ms. Nancy W. Pridgen
Ms. Frances M. Pruitt
Mr. and Mrs. Burvin E. Pugh Jr. '72
Ms. Judy Rosenberg Quintero '85
Mr. William L. Raddatz '01
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Rascoe
Mr. Jim C. Rattray '83
Dr. Bill Ray '67
Ms. Jane D. Rayborn '65
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy L. Rea (P '12)
Red Brookshire of Florida, Inc.
Dr. Lora (Bentley) Reed '91
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Reeves (P '09)
Mr. Anthony M. Regan
Ms. Sandra (Reid) Parker '69
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Repko (P '13)
Dr. J. Stephen Rhodes '69
Rinaldi Printing Company Incorporated
Mr. Lance C. Ringhaver
Mr. Arturo R. Rios '03
Ms. Nancy H. Wood '90
Dr. Sherri (Days) Rogalski '78
Mr. Alan S. Rosenzweig '87
Dr. and Mrs. Ira Franklin Ross
Mr. Michael Royce '94
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rudakas (P '08)
Ms. Nancy S. Ruiz '64
Dr. Carl T. Russell '66
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Marsha Rydberg
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Rynalski (P '12)
Mr. and Mrs. Brian R. Sabean '78
Mr. Frederick Sabota
Christy Sabotnik (P '12)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Salak (P '10)
Gen. and Mrs. Leon E. Salomon (USA Ret.) (P '91)
Ms. Mary Beth (Davis) Sandin '87
Dr. Marjorie D. Sanfilippo
Ms. Elinor Sapp '71
Sarasota Ford
Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Savage
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Wyline Chapman Sayler
Dr. Mary Jane Stearns Schenck '66
Ms. Marjorie Schlossman (P '10, '12)
Mr. William J. Schmidt Jr. '81
Mr. and Mrs. Max H. Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Erich Y. Schultz '92
Mr. Craig E. Schuman '74
Dr. April J. Schwarzmueller and Mr. Jeff Johnson
Mr. Andre Schwitter '00
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Sciarrotta (P '08)
Ms. Pamela (Garrett) Scopino '90
Dr. Virginia M. Scott '73
Mr. William S. Scott '95
Dr. William A. Seman '68
Drs. John and Celeste Senechal (P '90)
SG Americas Securities, LLC
Mr. Walter Bert Shaffer '83
Dr. Robin L. Shallcross '75
Ms. Colleen Shannon '65
Mr. Paul W. Shaum '71
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Sheehan (P '09)
Ms. Mary Shehadeh
Mrs. Candace (Irvine) and Mr. John W. Shelly '78, '75
Mr. and Mrs. Craig H. Sher
Dr. and Mrs. Donald W. Sherburne
Mr. and Mrs. Harold L. Shinn (P '02)
Dr. Katie (Moor) Siek '00
Ms. Colleen Brady and Dr. Ross Siemers (P '12)
Dr. and Mrs. Norman J. Silver*
Mr. Frank and Mrs. Donna Silverman Horkey '82
Mr. James T. Simmons '81
Cmdr. Dannielle (Morrison) Simon '75
Ms. Judy (Brisbin) Simonson '67
Mr. Gilbert C. Simpkins (P '09)
Mrs. Nancy and Mr. Robert Siver*
Mr. Haukur Matthiasson and Dr. Margret Skaftadottir
Mr. and Mrs. Lee H. Skolnick (P '08)
Mr. Keith D. Skorewicz '99
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Sloane (P '14)
Mr. Jay Paul and Mrs. Angela (Ranson) Smith '89
Dr. R. Scott Smith (P '14)
Mrs. Candace (Wilson) and Mr. Richard L. Smith '75, '76
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sobel (P '14)
Societe Generale
Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Soderlund (P '97)
Dr. and Mrs. David H. Solomon '82
Ms. Mindy R. Solomon
Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Spear (P '10)
Col. Donald W. Spearel '88
St. Cloud Presbyterian Church
Ms. Lydia A. Staggs '99
Ms. Morgan B. Stailey '01
Mr. and Mrs. Willie L. Stamey Jr. (P '11)
Mr. James M. Stamps '73
Mr. Robert A. and Mrs. Christine F. Staub '84
Mr. John W. Steakley Jr. '83
Mr. David A. Stepanek '97
Ms. Roseanne Stocker '84
Dr. David R. Stone '69
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Strebel (P '12)
Ms. Sharon Stubblebine
Naveen Malhotra
Ms. Loreen (Phillips) Studley '94
Dr. Terry Suarez '66
Ms. Laila M. Sukkariyyah '90
Mr. Hal N. Sullivan '76
Suncoast Compensation Benefits Foundation
Mrs. Cortney (Freeman) and Mr. Beau C. Suthard '97, '97
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Sutter
Ms. Linda Swindall
Ms. Sarah (Hodgens) Sydnor '71
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Tade (P'13)
Ms. Justine L. Talmadge
Tampa Bay Mariners Club
Tampa Bay Orthopedics Specialists
Tampa Bay Specialty Surgery Center
Tampa Sports Club Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Taylor (P '05)
Tech Data Corporation
Mr. Jonathan H. and Mrs. Angelina M. Tennis '09, '11
Mr. Jeffrey M. Testerman '71
The Carwash Group
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy A. Thielen '92
Ms. Dorothy G. Thompson (P '72)
Ms. Terry L. Thompson '94
Mr. Timothy Lee Thornton '74
Ms. Phyllis Tillinghast
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Torres (P '09)
Total Document Management
Tradewinds Resort
Mr. Chris P. Trakas '78
Trenam Kemker
Mr. Ed Trettevik (P '08)
TSF Foundation, Inc.
TSP Institute Inc.
Mrs. Milangela (Kollock) and Mr. Jesse A. Turtle '90, '91
Mr. Dean F. and Ms. Denise A. Tyler '90, '92
Mr. John J. Ustas (P '89)
Ms. Rena Taguchi and Mr. David Vail (P '10)
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Van Horn
Ms. Merrie Van Loy '69
Chris and Debe Van Pelt (P '99)
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Van Woudenberg (P '12)
Mr. Kevin J. and Mrs. Diane C. Vander Kolk '86, '85
Drs. Jack and Geni Vanek
Mr. Jose S. Medina Vareas (P '10)
Mr. Cesar F. Velazquez '08
Mr. Tad Verney '76
Dr. Heather L. Vincent (P '15)
Ms. Lisa (Krieger) Vliek '98
Ms. Cassandra R. Voigt '93
Ms. Kaiya Waddell '06
Dr. George C. Wagner '70
Ms. Eloise Wallace*
Mr. and Mrs. John Wallace (P '13)
Walter Industries, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Watt (P '14)
Dr. James E. Watters '67
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Weatherill (P '11)
Mr. Eric M. Weaver and Ms. Sara F. Sanderson (P '13)
Mr. and Mrs. Eric D. Webb '91, '89
Mr. Mark C. Weber '90
Mr. John J. Weeks
Ms. Kim (Deehan) Weiler '82
Ms. Rosemary Armstrong and Mr. Morris Weinberg Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Paul B. Weinberg (P '08)
Wekiva Presbyterian Church
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Wells
Dr. Stephen P. Weppner
Ms. Deleliah R. Werts '06
Mr. Andrew Westervelt '76
Ms. Anne Chapin Wetmore '94
Ms. Mary Wheeler (GP '11)
Mr. Donald and Dr. Beverly Whiddon '67
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Whitaker (P '08)
Ms. Nancy Petry and Dr. Billy White '74
Ms. Betsy L. Wickham '01 (P '00)
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wides (P '11)
Ms. Elizabeth Wiemken (P '12)
Dr. Robert C. Wigton
Mr. Chris Wikoff '87
Ms. Michelle Wildenauer-Shapiro
Ms. Lena Wilfalk
Mr. Gary E. Williams '90
Mr. and Mrs. J. Larry Williams (P '13)
Ms. Mary F. Williams
Ms. Victoria Jones and Mr. Michael Williams (P '12)
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Wilson (P '14)
Mr. Ronald J. Wilson (P '11)
Ms. Catherine Mohr and Mr. David L. Wilt '69
Ms. Heather B. Winfield
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Wiseman (P '12)
Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Wiser
Mr. Phillip C. Wiskow '82
Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. Wolf
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne R. Wolf (P '08)
Mr. David F. Wood (P '02)
Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Wood (P '90)
Ms. Cynthia S. Worthington
Dr. and Mrs. Robin E. Wright '73
Ms. Jennifer (Cox) Wunderlich '96
Dr and Mrs. Christopher Yeakel (PA '12)
Ms. Iris F. Yetter
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin B. Young (P '12)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Zimmerman '71