Donor Voices

Paul Antolik and Barbara Bone (P '09)

Paul Antolik and Barbara BonePaul Antolik and Barbara Bone (P '09) are pleased that Eckerd College has opened their daughter's eyes to so many things.

"Eckerd has afforded Carrie, who is a senior studying Biology, many research opportunities while also giving her a strong liberal arts education," says Paul Antolik. "Her research work began with a freshman research scholarship and has continued with her ongoing work with Professor Peter Meylan, her Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) internship through the National Science Foundation, and her Hollings scholarship research. The administration and her professors have encouraged and supported her with their advice and recommendations."

In addition to her laboratory work, she had the chance to study abroad, spending a Winter Term in Greece and a semester in Australia.

"In route to Australia, she was able to attend the South Pacific Whale Consortium in Auckland, where a paper she co-authored during her REU internship was presented," Paul Antolik says. “The opportunity to meet others working in her field was invaluable, and she was also able to meet professors from colleges she will be applying to for graduate school."

Carrie plans to continue her education studying Molecular Ecology with a focus on marine mammals.

"We support an annual scholarship because we want to help provide the facilities and scholarships for other students to have the same opportunities Carrie has had at Eckerd," Paul Antolik says.