Donor Voices

Brook Babcock '83

Brook Babcock"I entered Eckerd as a confused freshman and left with a destiny," says Brook Babcock '83.

He found his wife and several friends at Eckerd who set him on a course for the future.

"My wife, Kit, and I met while at Eckerd," Babcock says. "She has been a major part of my life. I always wonder 'what if' I had not met her while at Eckerd, how different my life would have been. Also there were three roommates while at Eckerd that helped shape who I am today."

Recently, the Babcocks decided it was time to give something back.

"I have always felt that Eckerd College gave me an opportunity," Brook says. "Eckerd provided me with a Church and Campus scholarship for three years. This helped ease the cost of tuition. I am giving back to Eckerd that same opportunity that was offered to me some 25 years ago."

The Babcocks established an annual scholarship and named it in honor of their minister Dr. Robert Crumby.

"Dr. Crumby through his ministry has always led by example," Brook Babcock says. "He has been a great leader in our community."