Donor Voices

Charles James (P '06)

Charles James"Eckerd College was the right choice for our daughter, Kathryn. After we had toured several small liberal arts colleges in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Florida, what stood out then about Eckerd -- and continues to shine today -- is that its vision and the reach of its programming are uniquely disproportionate to the size of its student enrollment. The freshman orientation program, the mentoring system, the many opportunities for foreign experience, the personal attention resulting from the staff/student ratio and, of course, the campus location on the Florida waterfront all serve to distinguish Eckerd College. In addition to all this, there is a palpable sense that the best is yet to come -- that Eckerd will continue to innovate in its programs. We share in the excitement about Eckerd's future and want to be supportive.

Kathryn was tasked with determining the focus for our contribution. Studio Arts seemed to be an area that could offer so much more to an even greater number of students if only the current modest facilities were to be expanded. As a grateful family, privileged to have been the beneficiaries of a transformative education at Eckerd, we feel an obligation to 'pay it forward' for the next generation of Eckerd students."

Charles and Ann James made a gift to support the Ceramics and Sculpture Center in honor of their daughter Kathryn's experience at Eckerd.