Donor Voices

Robin Suarez '85 and Curtis Arnold '87

Robin Suarez and Curtis ArnoldRobin Suarez '85 and Curtis Arnold '87 believe in the mission of Eckerd College and feel that a liberal arts education is one of the most beneficial educational experiences a person can have.

"Contributing to Eckerd furthers this mission and ensures that others can benefit from this experience. On a more personal level, Eckerd afforded us many opportunities which we feel continue to contribute to our current successful careers. In many ways, a great educational experience gives one the same advantages as good parents. We give to Eckerd because, like a good parent, it gave us the chance to learn, meet people and have experiences that we would never have been able to do on our own or in another educational institution."

Robin and Curtis continue to think of Eckerd as their family.

"In the same way we support our families for everything they have done for us, we contribute to Eckerd with a similar sense of gratitude and spirit of commitment."