Donor Voices

Adam Colby '09, Director of Campus Safety and Security

Adam Colby"I try to do my part for the improvement of our nation and community by giving what I can to Eckerd College through payroll deduction. For we might never know when a small but simple gift can change an individual's life, like it did mine."

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Paul Antolik and Barbara Bone (P '09)

Paul Antolik and Barbara BonePaul Antolik and Barbara Bone (P '09) are pleased that Eckerd College has opened their daughter's eyes to so many things. "Eckerd has afforded Carrie, who is a senior studying Biology, many research opportunities while also giving her a strong liberal arts education," says Paul Antolik.

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Brook Babcock '83

Brook Babcock"I entered Eckerd as a confused freshman and left with a destiny," says Brook Babcock '83.He found his wife and several friends at Eckerd who set him on a course for the future.

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Bill Curtis '71

Bill CurtisBill Curtis '71 doubts he would have made it through college without Professor James Carlson. "Personally, my deep involvement in Professor Carlson’s Theatre Workshop buoyed my spirits during the most difficult three months of my life and kept me on track toward graduation," Dr. Curtis says.

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Charles James (P '06)

Charles James"Eckerd College was the right choice for our daughter, Kathryn. After we had toured several small liberal arts colleges in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Florida, what stood out then about Eckerd -- and continues to shine today -- is that its vision and the reach of its programming are uniquely disproportionate to the size of its student enrollment."

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Walter and Penny Lapatovich (P '09, '09)

Walter and Penny Lapatovich "Our gifts to Eckerd are for three reasons: We support the mission of Eckerd to deliver a quality liberal arts education to its students. We support our children and their choices, including their choice of higher education at Eckerd. Our children (collectively) will be the leaders of tomorrow and need our encouragement and respect for their choices now as young adults. And finally, we support Eckerd as a larger organ in the internal workings of our great nation, the USA. Eckerd and like establishments—centers of learning and creativity—are the nebulae, the birthing ground of human stars. Eckerd deserves our financial and moral support."

Tom Ryan '87

Tom RyanEckerd College was a good decision for Tom Ryan '87. "Eckerd means everything to me. We all make good and bad decisions during our lifetime, and Eckerd College was one of those good decisions that changed my life path," he says.

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Deborah and Robert Slingluff (P '04)

Deborah and Robert Slingluff"'From soup to nuts', Eckerd was a great experience." From the application process through graduation, Deborah and Robert Slingluff (P '04) feel their involvement with Eckerd was seamless and gratifying.

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Robin Suarez '85 and Curtis Arnold '87

Robin Suarez and Curtis ArnoldRobin Suarez '85 and Curtis Arnold '87 believe in the mission of Eckerd College and feel that a liberal arts education is one of the most beneficial educational experiences a person can have.

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Sue Vastine '64

Sue Vastine"I give to Eckerd College with pride, with hope and with gratitude. As a founding freshman, I give with pride. I don't think most of us really realized until later what a big gamble Dean Bevan and the founding faculty were taking in beginning FPC, and we were taking in choosing to be part of it. I am so proud to have been there at the start and to see what FPC/EC has become."

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Ken Wolfe, ASPEC member

Ken Wolfe"When I moved back to St. Petersburg, I became interested in Eckerd College and decided to join ASPEC. Through this connection, I became aware of the fine liberal arts education that Eckerd provides its students. Bill Stickley encouraged me to think about supporting the academic work at Eckerd with a gift, and I decided to endow a scholarship to support the study of International Business."

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