Student Voices

John Celestin '12

John CelestinExcerpt from a presentation at the 2009 Scholarship and Internship Appreciation Luncheon:

"I did the calculations for the next school year, and my parents and I concluded there was no way we would be able to pay for it. Now, in any other college I would have panicked, but this was Eckerd. I went to Professor Brunello, and he said he would do anything it took to keep me here. He sent me to Dr. Pat Watkins, who is the best financial-aid counselor that ever lived (I am not just saying that). She helped calm my nerves and assured me that she would find a way to help me out. That brings me here."

"I received the Robert A. James Endowed Memorial Scholarship and the Ethics in Business Scholarship. When I heard that I was the recipient of these two awards, the first thing I did was call my mom. She began to cry. That is when I realized what these scholarships meant."

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R. Blake Johnson '09

Blake JohnsonExcerpt from a letter to a scholarship donor:

"I humbly accept this scholarship as further motivation to continue working for change, not only in the Eckerd community but also in the greater community. … This scholarship has made possible my ability to devote myself wholeheartedly to serving the College rather than striving to make financial ends meet, and for that I am grateful."

Erica Magnusson '11

Erica MagnussonFrom a presentation to the President's Associates at Eckerd College about her service trip to Malawi, Africa, with Professor Erika Spohrer and other Eckerd students:

"Malawi has healed my soul and taught me what love is. … I had been told that Africa has too many problems for a girl from New Hampshire to solve in three weeks. I had been told I couldn't possibly make a difference in a place consumed by tragedy, disease, poverty, hunger and death. We made a difference."

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